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"Reflect and expand.
Reflect and let go...
Reflect and flow...
Get to know your true self"


Yoga is for everyone. Everybody can practice yoga and enjoy it's benefits. You just need to find the right style for you. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Yoga improves your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

"Pure joy comes from within.

Go find it."


Reflection Yoga came into existence the summer of 2012. 

I teach different kinds of yoga styles. Yogic Arts, Embodied Flow™ inspired, Restorative Yoga, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Mamma Yoga, Youth Yoga, Rehabilitation Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga for skiers, snowboarders and surfers. I make custom-made programs for you as an individual to practice in your home or where ever you are, these programmes can be filmed and recorded.  

My intuition is my biggest guide and I have the deepest trust in the wisdom that resides in the body.

I gather knowledge, experience and inspiration from shamanism, Embodied Flow™ and my mentors Tara Judelle, Dr. Scott Lyons, Myra Avedon, Satu Tuomela, Sianna Sherman, Brene Brown, Alberto Viloldo, spiritual books, tantric philosophy Kashmir Shaivism, buddhism, psychology, astrology, the School of Akasha, embodiments.

I have been practicing yoga daily since the summer of 2012. I took my first yoga course in 2004, in Asthanga. I have been teaching full time since February 2013.

I hope you will trust me to guide you into the world of yoga. It is my deep wish to facilitate your own journey inwards.


My name is Leika Mark Noppenau, born in 1978 in Denmark. I live in Hemsedal, the mountains of Norway. I am an international teacher, facilitating workshops and retreats worldwide. I am most of the year situated in Norway. Every summer you can find me in Denmark; Klitmøller aka Cold Hawaii.

My yoga educational background:

200h RYT Yogic Arts taught by Master Duncan Wong.

30h Intensive Basic Course with Master Duncan Wong.

300h RYT advanced Teacher Training in Embodied Flow™ taught by  founders Tara Judelle and Dr. Scott Lyons. 

30h Immersion in Embodied Flow™

50h Embodied Yin™ with Satu Tuomela.

Shiva Sutra Study Group with Tara Judelle.

RYT 500 +

By education a:

Yogic Arts teacher.

An Embodied Flow™ inspired teacher.

3500h+ of teaching yoga.

My therapeutic background:

300h RYS Embodied Flow Somatic™ Movement Therapy (EFSMT) taught by Dr. Scott Lyons and Myra Avedon. I am in training.

A curiosity since early childhood about emotions, wounds, human psychic and behaviour have been driving forces. I was my friends therapist since the age of 6.

My educational healing background:

Inka Shamanism Rites.

Modern Shamanism by Jonette Crowley

Soul Body Fusion by Jonette Crowley

Akasha Skolen in Oslo, one year graduate as psychic and clairvoyant.

Workshops in Tarot Cards and Quarts Crystal healing.

Other physiscal background of importance:

Training gymnastics from 3-19 years old.

Gymnastic teacher 1995-98.

Gymnastic and anatomy education 1994/95.

Snowboard Instructor.

Div. courses in dance.

One year of practicing Kung Fu, Shaolin.


My goal:

My deepest wish, an ongoing goal is to spread awareness, insight, reflection and acceptance into our human lives. I truly want all beings to be happy and free.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

I am of the conviction that through the practice of yoga, being philosophically open one can achieve great happiness, find pure joy and live in flow and abundance. My goal is to use yoga and all it's benefits as a way into the magic of you. 

I believe deep in my heart, my soul that an expansion in awareness will create more harmonious people. The detachment from drama, stress and emotional instability will no longer have that extreme dominating part  in human life once you start to embrace, acknowledge who you are. The path to forgiveness, compassion and love is through reflection, contemplation and a deep profound acceptance.

If you want to book private or group lessons please write me an email.


Reflection Yoga ONLINE


With Reflection Yoga, Leika Mark Noppenau.

The online platform is on Facebook. I believe you can be a member even though you are not on Facebook.


The lessons range from:

* Dynamic, Creative Vinyasa Flow

* Yogic Arts

* Shiva - Shakti Flow

* Embodied Flowtm

* Sunrise Flow

* Slow Flow

* Yin, gentle, nurturing stretch and release.

* Restorative Yoga, using props, bolsters, 3-5 min in each release and relax pose.

The lessons are 60, 75 or 90 minutes.

Membership Options from May 11th:

4 weeks membership, starting the day you join the group, payment that same day.

600 NKr., 400 DKr, 55 €.

4 weeks, 16 lessons, 4 lessons pr week, each Live session which is recorded is available 1 week. This means you can practice your favorite many times.

2 weeks membership, starting the day you join the group, payment the same day.

400 NKr, 280 DKr, 35 €.

2 weeks, 8 lessons, each Live session, which is recorded, is available for 1 week.

You can pay by:

Vipps: 596654

Invoice by email. Write me pm.

PayPal, write me pm or see payment plan here.

Danish? Transfer to: Reg: 9100 Kontonr: 1020751564

You will receive: 4 yoga lessons pr week, playlists, 2 days notice before Live Streaming so you may have a "date" with me.


All levels can join. From beginners to advanced.

It is not for beginner beginners. You also have to be able to move easily from floor to standing to gain from the membership.


I hope you will enjoy the videos. I would love to hear your feedbacks and comments after the classes.


Namaste Leika, Reflection Yoga

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