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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic yogastyle where your breath is the cue for transitions. Breathing exercises, pranayama are intricate part of vinyasa flow, moving with breath. It is a delicious, graceful and freeing yogastyle.

Vinyasa Flow opens up your inner energy fields to some known as prana, chi, chakras, kundalini and so forth and has great healing benefits.

Living whole in our hearts using the Gifts of Imperfection to get there.

In this course we enter states of our being that are difficult to get to. We peel layers off that we didn't know was there. We understand, we comprehend, we realize and then we transform. We heal.

The course is consciousness expanding and eyeopening. One gets apiphanies that may change your life, life circumstances, relationships and worldview in positive ways hard to imagine.

I'm creating 2 courses of 8 times. 8 Mondays and then another 8 Mondays after that. It is possible to attend only one of the courses but if you wish to really dive deep and commit yourself to the enlightenment and awakening of you it is possible to sign up to both courses and get 10% discount on both courses.

Mondays 18-20 o'clock.
We start week 3 (January 13). Last Monday week 11 (March 9).
No yoga courses in week 9.

Break week 12.

Course starts again week 13 (March 23) + week 14.
Easter Break (week 15-16).
Last 6 Mondays: week 17-22.

1 course: 2400 kr.
2 courses: 4320 kr.

It is not possible to drop in or use a discountcard. The course is closed.
Privacy, trust is of utmost importance.
I will create a safe containor where you may explore all that you are.
Dette kurset vil være lukket, en lukket gruppe for å skape trygghet.
Igjennom yoga praksis, meditasjon, bevægelse vil du kunne favne, føle, forstå og se deg selv.
Really important that you tell me when you can't make it since the course needs at least bodyminds every time.

Sign up to leikamn@gmail.com before January 3!
Registion and payment due Janaury 3. Påmelding senest 3. januar. Bindende påmelding.
Max 20 spots!

The course is based upon Embodied Flow™, Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy and of course Brene Brown's research on Wholehearted Living and my own ever expanding research and knowledge of the heart.