Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga 10 lessons;

10,000 NKr.

Empoyee's health and welfare are getting more attention. Todays societies begin to open up to the importance of happy and creative coworkers.

The wellbeing of colleagues and employees are starting to become of high value to business owners and Yoga Practice has been for several years a BIG thing in the BIG cities.

Yoga is considered to be a great investment for the caretaking of employees.

Through relaxation and breathing excercises one can reduce stress, stresssymptoms, depression and anxiety in major ways which some leaders of BIG companies have understood. This trend and understanding of the benefits of yoga practice, mindfuldness have travelled to Europe and is finally entering Scandinavia.

Yoga Asana as we know it in a physical form will improve bloodflow, oxyginate systems to which production and concentration will benefit. Mindfuldness, meditation and balance excersises will help focus the minds of your employees and production as well as joy will enter the office ground.

Are you a company owner? Are you taking care of your employees? 

A focus on health and relaxation at work and action taken to build up those qualities will enliven your coworkers, make them feel seen and appreciated. Invest in your employees. In return you get happier, less stressful and more creative employees. Business Yoga/Corporate Yoga is a contribution to the quality of life, health, and productivity of your employees. It provides an immediate return on investment through profound stress reduction, improved health and wellbeing, reducing absenteeism, improved creativity, improved productivity and joy.


1 hour lesson each week will significantly change the working environment.

Price: 10 lessons 10.000 kr. no matter group size.

30, 45 & 60 minutes classes are possible.

Make it fit into your company schedule.

Get in touch if you want a custom-made contract.

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