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Handstand and Armbalance Immersion with Zaz

Hemsedal March 13-15

She is coming! 🦋💖
Hihihi... I've got butterflies!

Zaz aka Yoga with Zaz aka real name: Zarouhi Zaz Grumbar.
She is power, dynamite and humble woman, Trinidadian living in London with 2 kids.

I first encountered Zaz maybe 5 years? I fell in love with her transmission. She came across as super honest, authentic, down to earth, full of humour. There was no bling bling. No superficial appearance or ways of behaviour, only truth and a real, raw woman. And damn she is beautiful.

You can get to practice with her in Hemsedal!

March 13-15:
Friday 10-13 & 18-20
Saturday 9-12 & 17-19.30
Sunday 10-13

Friday morning: Opening circle, Intention setting, Pranayama, Arm Balances.
Friday evening: Lush wind down flow, restorative yoga, affirmation & journaling.

Saturday morning: Pranayama, Headstand and Transitions.
Saturday afternoon: Thai massage & Yin. Journaling & sharing circle.

Sunday morning: Pranayama, Handstands and Forearm stands.
Wind down flow, closing circle and sharing.

The immersion is about learning and challenging yourself. It is about getting out of the comfort zone.
We are going to play! Play, test, laugh, fall, try again, fall some more and go to bed completely exhausted.
Are you in? :-D

About Zaz:
* More than 20 years of practice
* YTT200 - YogaLondon, 2015
* Thai Yoga Massage - Metta College, 2000
* Regular CPD workshops attended
* Insured with Balens via Yoga Alliance

I am a fully insured and qualified YA teacher in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow yoga, as well as Pre and Post Natal (pregnancy and mother & baby) yoga.
Based in West London, I am a yogi, a mother, a writer, a lover of shoes, sunshine, friends, dancing and mojitos, not necessarily in that order!

Be Social -
Instagram: @yogawithzaz
Facebook: Yoga With Zaz
Twitter: @yogamamazee

The Whole package:
2500 NKr.

Max 24 spots!
This is going to be popular! So sign up now to get a spot.

Register to leikamn@gmail.com www.reflection.no

Binding registration. You may sell your spot to someone else.
Last registration date: March 6.
Siste påmeldingsfrist 6. mars.

Huso Lodge. This is a fairy tale lodge. It's hard to imagine the romance and the energy there.It is inspired by the ancient culture in Norway, the vikings and local history. Get in touch with Sara Ringelmann and book a room. There is a 20 min drive into Hemsedal.



If you fly in:
Oslo Lufthavn (Gardemoen)
Train from the airport to Gol. I can arrange transportation from Gol for a fee.

You are going to Hemsedal! Norway's biggest skiresort. It is absolutely astonishing up here. You will arrive to winter wonderland. I would really advise you to cross country ski in the surreal and magical landscape. The slopes are awesome and many. You can rent skies or snowboards on skistar.com. Stay and extra day or two and enjoy Winter Wonderland and the beautiful nature.

Who can join?
Fresh into yoga and advanced practioners. Level 1-4 are very welcome. (we are not going to explain downward facing dog).
If you are in doubt contact me.
I can't stand straight up and down so I can't wait for this!
If you love Yogic Arts you will love this.
You do not need to be a master of anything and it is also ok to be scared shitless. Come to play and learn.

My name is Leika. I am the creator of Reflection Yoga and Reflection Therapy.
My background is:
200 RYT Yogic Arts.
30 hr immersion Yogic Arts.
300 RYT Embodied Flowtm
30 hr immersion Embodied Flowtm
300 hr Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy, apprentice.
I.m a mum, completely in love with nature and consciousness awareness practices. I love love!
I'll be your host :-)
Any questions reach out to me please.

In light and love Zaz & Leika.
Mob: +4741353134 (I'm on Whatsapp).