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*** Yoga & Soundhealing with Suleman & Leika. ***

I am very happy to announce a beautiful cooperation between my dear friend Suleman and myself.
We are very pleased and excited to invite you to our beautiful and transformational weekend.

Suleman is a magical man with wisdom beyond many people's comprehension. His wisdom is deeply embedded in his Bodymind and through yoga practice, Somatic knowledge, research and exploration of inner and outer harmony and multiple instruments he is an expert in guiding people inwards into their truest essence. Suleman is a medicin man and a shaman.
Suleman is bringing his Handpan, hang drum, native american fluites, shaman drums, djembe drums, kalimba.
Love, compassion and kindness are Suleman's natural qualities and states of being. In his presence you will feel safe, accepted and belong.

Together we can create magic and healing that are transcended from our truest essence.

We would love if you would join us this weekend in Hemsedal, in the astonishing mountains north of Oslo.

My expertise is Embodied Flow, my intution, Somatic Movement, Tantric Philosophy and shamanism. I am highly intuitive and in deep connection with Mother Earth and the Universe. Through Yoga Asana practice, free movement, dance and meditation I guide human beings into their inner realities. I am gifted in the sense of facilitating space and comfort, trust. I offer tools for you to discover who and what you are. To offer people opportunities to become whole, live in freedom and love are my life's purpose. My strength is transmission of awareness consciousness.

Suleman and I have known eachother for 7-8 years. We have the same education in Yogic Arts with Master Duncan Wong, both 200 RYT Yogic Arts++.

Friday: 18-21
Saturday: 10-13
Sunday: 10-13

Place Hugnadheim in Hemsedal Norway.
The shala is placed at the end of sentrumsløype and it is possible to ski in - ski out.

Friday evening with Suleman:
* Opening circle
* Pranayama
* Mantra
* DEEP GROUNDING yoga practice with focus on elements.
* 30 min lying mediation to Suleman's soundhealing.

Saturday with Leika & Suleman:
* Pituitary & Pineal Glands.
* Kryia
* Meditation
* Third Eye Vinyasa Flow facilitated by Leika.
* Free Movement to Suleman's music guided by Leika.
* 30 min savasana to Suleman's music.

* Mammillary bodies
* Rot chakra & Third Eye Chakra.
* Kryia
* Meditation
* Vinyasa Flow facilitated by Leika.
* Free Movement to Suleman's music guided by Leika.
* 30 min savasana to Suleman's music.
* Closing circle.

Weekend package:
1500 NKr.

SIgn up to leikamn@gmail.com www.reflection.no
Last registration and payment date: February 14.
Påmeldingsfrist 14. februar.
Bindende påmelding. Du kan selge plassen til en annen.

Questions? Please reach out to us :-)

Huso Lodge

In love and light Suleman & Leika.
Reflection Yoga
Reflection Therapy
Mob: +4741353134

Zaz aka Yoga with Zaz aka real name: Zarouhi Zaz Grumbar.
She is power, dynamite and humble woman, Trinidadian living in London with 2 kids.

I first encountered Zaz maybe 5 years? I fell in love with her transmission. She came across as super honest, authentic, down to earth, full of humour. There was no bling bling. No superficial appearance or ways of behaviour, only truth and a real, raw woman. And damn she is beautiful.

You can get to practice with her in Hemsedal!

March 13-15:
Friday 10-13 & 18-20
Saturday 9-12 & 17-19.30
Sunday 10-13

Friday morning: Opening circle, Intention setting, Pranayama, Arm Balances.
Friday evening: Lush wind down flow, restorative yoga, affirmation & journaling.

Saturday morning: Pranayama, Headstand and Transitions.
Saturday afternoon: Thai massage & Yin. Journaling & sharing circle.

Sunday morning: Pranayama, Handstands and Forearm stands.
Wind down flow, closing circle and sharing.

The immersion is about learning and challenging yourself. It is about getting out of the comfort zone.
We are going to play! Play, test, laugh, fall, try again, fall some more and go to bed completely exhausted.
Are you in? :-D

About Zaz:
* More than 20 years of practice
* YTT200 - YogaLondon, 2015
* Thai Yoga Massage - Metta College, 2000
* Regular CPD workshops attended
* Insured with Balens via Yoga Alliance

I am a fully insured and qualified YA teacher in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow yoga, as well as Pre and Post Natal (pregnancy and mother & baby) yoga.
Based in West London, I am a yogi, a mother, a writer, a lover of shoes, sunshine, friends, dancing and mojitos, not necessarily in that order!

Be Social -
Instagram: @yogawithzaz
Facebook: Yoga With Zaz
Twitter: @yogamamazee

The Whole package:
2500 NKr.

Max 24 spots!
This is going to be popular! So sign up now to get a spot.

Register to leikamn@gmail.com www.reflection.no

Binding registration. You may sell your spot to someone else.
Last registration date: March 6.
Siste påmeldingsfrist 6 mars.

Huso Lodge. This is a fairy tale lodge. It's hard to imagine the romance and the energy there.It is inspired by the ancient culture in Norway, the vikings and local history. Get in touch with Sara Ringelmann and book a room. There is a 20 min drive into Hemsedal.

If you fly in:
Oslo Lufthavn (Gardemoen)
Train from the airport to Gol. I can arrange transportation from Gol for a fee.

You are going to Hemsedal! Norway's biggest skiresort. It is absolutely astonishing up here. You will arrive to winter wonderland. I would really advise you to cross country ski in the surreal and magical landscape. The slopes are awesome and many. You can rent skies or snowboards on skistar.com. Stay and extra day or two and enjoy Winter Wonderland and the beautiful nature.

Who can join?
Fresh into yoga and advanced practioners. Level 1-4 are very welcome. (we are not going to explain downward facing dog).
If you are in doubt contact me.
I can't stand straight up and down so I can't wait for this!
If you love Yogic Arts you will love this.
You do not need to be a master of anything and it is also ok to be scared shitless. Come to play and learn.

My name is Leika. I am the creator of Reflection Yoga and Reflection Therapy.
My background is:
200 RYT Yogic Arts.
30 hr immersion Yogic Arts.
300 RYT Embodied Flowtm
30 hr immersion Embodied Flowtm
300 hr Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy, apprentice.
I.m a mum, completely in love with nature and consciousness awareness practices. I love love!
I'll be your host :-)
Any questions reach out to me please.

In light and love Zaz & Leika.
Mob: +4741353134 (I'm on Whatsapp).

April 03, 2020

Entering the silent mind med Vinyasa Flow.


Entering Easter.... La oss påbegynne påsken med:


5 Yoga lessons with Reflection Yoga.



5 yoga lessons where BREATH AND LUNGS will be our focus.

By entering into the depth of our respiratory system, understanding and fully embody our lungs which fill our Bodymind with life every day, every minute, we can return to the peaceful and silent states of presence and awareness.

Somatically, anatomically we will explore our lung capacity with curiosity and different breathing techniques, pranayama, based in Hatha Yoga and Embodied Flow™.

Imagine reclaiming your lungs. My lungs are mine and they are in my body for me to know them and honor what they do for me every single minute.


Gracefully we will enter Vinyasa Flow after pranyama (energy and breathing exercises).

Nydelig og graciøs påskebegynnelse med Vinyasa Flow, pranayama & meditasjon.


Saturday till Wednesday 10-11.30 o'clock at Helselaben, down town Hemsedal. Ski in - ski out...

Lørdag til onsdag kl 10-11.30 på Helselaben.

* Pranayama

* Vinyasa Flow

* Savasana

* Meditation


1 lesson 200 kr.

5 lessons 750 kr.

Du kan bruke klippekortet ditt.

6 klipp 960kr.


Betales til Reflection Yoga.


Max 15 people!

Sign up the day before at the latest, binding booking.

Påmeld deg skriftlig senest dagen før, men jeg setter stor pris på, om du booker tidligere. Første mann til møllen. Bindende påmelding.



If you are a Christian or a spiritual being you may use these techniques presented to enter into the respectful celebration of Jesus and his entry into Jerusalem. This is very optional but I like to use the planetary frequencies and vibration to enhance our own spiritual awakening.

This weekend is a powerful time and a beautiful gateway into consciousness, silence and contemplation.


Du kan komme i stilongs slik du kan dra i bakken rett etterpå :-)

Come in your woolen underwear so you are ready to enter the slopes after the best warmup.


Leksjonene skaper tilstedeværelse og indre ro.

De vil også være fantastiske som oppvarmning til skiturer.


Yoga for alle! Også nybegynnere, inkludert deg som aldri har gjort yoga før.

All levels welcome.


Jeg håper å se deg disse dagene inntil påsken.


Namaste Leika Mark Noppenau

Reflection Yoga

Reflection Therapy


Mob: 41353134

December 28, 2019

*** Bali YOGA Retreat ***

A Brene Brown inspired Retreat
*** Dare Greatly ***

A retreat where our focus will lie in courageous living, wholehearted living.

I first read Brene Brown's book "Daring Greatly" 4 years ago and it has since then been a daily inspiration. The book has given me a baseline for many lessons and workshops and it is time to facilitate a retreat upon her extremely inspirational reseach about vulnerability and courageaous living.

We will more specifically dive into wholehearted living. How do we live in our hearts and what resides there? How do we gather courage enough to stand in the truth that beats in our hearts?

We will have 2 yoga classes every day, starting 7-9.30 am. The afternoon classes 4-6 pm.
Every morning we start the day with 1 hour kriya, mantra and meditation which will flow into Embodied Flow™ inspired Vinyasa.
In the afternoon you will be served Vinyasa Flow that will move you into Yin yoga.
All lessons will have Embodied Flow™ principles and philosophy as a baseline.

I wish to facilitate a retreat where we open up our hearts and explore what and how we can live more wholeheartedly and authentically. We will explore as a group and you might make friends for life.

Brene Brown writes this in her book "The Gifts of Imperfection" about Wholehearted living:

1) Cultivating Authenticity; Letting Go of What People Think.
2) Cultivatiing Self-Compassion: Letting Go of Perfectionism.
3) Cultivating a Resilient Spirit: Letting Go of Numbing and Powerlessness.
4) Cultivating Gratitude and Joy: Letting Go of Scarcity and Fear of the Dark.
5) Cultivating Intuition and Trusting Faith: Letting Go of the Need for Certainty.
6) Cultivating Creativity: Letting Go of Comparison.
7) Cultivating Play and Rest: Letting Go of Exhaustion as a Status Symbol and Productivity as Self-Worth.
8) Cultivating Calm and Stillness: Letting Go of Anxiety as a Lifestyle.
9) Cultivating Meaningful Work: Letting Go of Self-Doubt and "Supposed To".
10) Cultivating Laughter, Song, and Dance: Letting Go of Being Cool and "Always in Control".

Do you love this too?

I recommend reading one of her books, choose the one that speeks to you. It is not necessary to have read one of her books to join the retreat but it will give you an advantage.

The retreat is for intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners. You need to know your ujjayi and know and be able to physically do Sun Salutations and Warriors. Write me an email if you wonder if you are qualified. leikamn@gmail.com
The yoga community in Hemsedal are qualified.

The ChillHouse will be our home for 7 days, our base for yoga explorations and wholehearted examinations.
They serve the most delicious organic, vegetarian and vegan meals. "We work with local ethical growers that practice methods that encourage healthy soils and biodiversity. We believe in keeping traditions alive and know that this produce provides increased nutrition to our bodies.
Except for the Herbalife Products nothing here at CASSAVA is imported from beyond Indonesia, this cuts food miles, over processing, the use of preservatives and ensures optimum freshness. Therefore you won't find wheat or almonds on our menus." Cassava, The Chillhouse.
Breakfast and dinner are included in the retreat and I advise you to go explore the amazing cafes and restaurants in Canggu for lunch.Canggu has soo many cafes and restaurants, so go explore the senses in your body through taste and smell.
Canggu is known for it's surf, chill, international culture infused with traditional culture, rise fields, green scenery and exotic and beautiful beaches.
The Chillhouse have surf-instructors and surf-rental, so let me know if you want lessons or wish to rent a board to go ride the awesome waves in Canggu between yoga sessions. Canggu has it all, beginner and advanced spots.
You can use the in-between yoga sessions to get treatments, massage, cranio-sacral, write in your diary, swim, hang out on the beach, surf, flirt with surfinstructors, read books, bathe in the sun, have exciting conversations with your new friends...

Dive into serenity ... and just be.
I deeply invite you to practice gratitude in your sacred in-between moments and there is no better place to practice than Bali.

The Retreat includes:
* Luxury Retreat Center
* 7 nights and 7 days in Romantic and luxurious accommodation.
* Pool
* Delicious, organic, environmental friendly meals, vegetarian and vegan breakfast and dinners.
* 14 high quality and awareness expanding yoga classes.
* Lovely, sweet and high vibrational Shala.
* Yoga equipment, no need to bring anything.
* Wifi
* Drinking water.

Early Bird price:
Sign up and pay before August 15th!
Deluxe room - solo: 9800 NKr or 1010 € or 7800 DKr.
Deluxe room - shared: 8400 NKr or 890 € or 6700 DKr.
Standard room - solo: 9100 NKr or 940 € or 7300 DKr.

Last registration and payment date:
October 30th!
Deluxe room - solo: 11200 NKr. or 1200 €.
Deluxe room - shared: 9800 NKr or 1010 €.
Standard room - solo: 10500 NKr. or 1120 €.

MAX 20 spots!

Register to leikamn@gmail.com
You must respect the registration dates.
You get the spot when I receive your payment.
Payment through Paypal or norwegian invoice.
Full refund before August 15th.
Half refund before October 30th.
No refund after October 30th.

Questions you may have:
Yes, you can bring your children, an extra cost must be paid to the person who is nursing and watching your child while you practice.
If you are pregnant you will be fine.
Yes, bring your partner even though he/she just wants to surf.
Yes, you can book surf lessons.
Yes, you can hire a scooter and scooter around Canggu as you please.
You need to have done some yoga before, you need to know the Sun Salutations.
One course with me is enough.
You cannot join if you have never done yoga before.

Please contact me if you have questions leikamn@gmail.com

You must check out the Chillhouse' webpage: www.thechillhouse.com

I'll meet you in your heart ♥
In light, Namaste
Leika Mark Noppenau
Reflection Yoga
Reflection Therapy
Mob: +4741353134

September 12, 2019

Fordypnings Helg i Yoga på Austevoll.

Med yoga kan livet bli elegant og simpelt. Yoga kan gi overskud og være med til å danne deg overblikk. Denne helgen skal vi dykke og undersøke forskjellige meditasjonstekknikker.
Jeg kommer til å servere vidunderlige Vinyasa Flows og yoga asana sammensettninger som vil inspirere til eleganse og letthet.
Embodied Flow ™ og de fantastiske teknikkene basert i tantric philosophy, forståelsen av at alt er relasjonelt og i relasjoner vil være fundamentet til denne helgen.
Helgen vil ha en annen vinkling enn de forrige to, så du vil lett kunne delta om det er første eller tredje gang.
Meditasjon vil være en del av alle 5 sessions.

Dette kurset er for deg som er nysgjerrig, det er for deg som har lyst å bli kjent med deg selv og kroppen din. Har du lyst å få redskaper til å få en mer postiv hverdag, da blir du med.

Du må ha en positiv og åpen innstilling og ha gjort litt yoga før.

Som følge av helgen vil din hjemmepraksis bli fordypet og du vil ha fler redskaper på hånden når du skal utforske kropp, sinn og sjel hjemme.

Helgen vil ha et fokus på å skape indre harmoni og begrepet equanimity vil bli kroppsliggjort.

Hva kan du forvente?

Fredag/Friday kveld:
* Filosofisk perspektiv: Yielding.
Et Embodied Flow™ prinsip.
* Introduksjon til et mantra.
* Introduction, presentasjon.
* Pranayama, ujjayi gjennomgang.
* Meditasjon
* Vinyasa Flow
* Mindfulness savasana

I løpet av helgen:
* Mantra
* Kriya
* Meditasjon
* Vinyasa Flow
* Dynamisk Flow
* Slow Flow
* Free Movement
* Yin
* Gruppedeling, samtale og spørsmål, satsang.

Fredag/Friday kveld kl 18-21.
Lørdag/Saturday morgen: 10-13.
Lørdag/Saturday ettermiddag: 15-18.
Søndag/Sunday morgen: 10-12
Søndag/Sunday ettermiddag: 13.30-15.30

Immersionen inkluderer:
Det filosofiske prinsippet "Yielding" og vil være underbygge helgen. Det er et Embodied Flow™ prinsipp og kommer fra Tantric Philosophy, nermere bestemt Kashmir Shaivism. Kashmir Shaivism er non-dualistic, Tantra filosofi.
Yielding kan gi oss en kroppslig opplevelse av å gi og ta. Det å være i midten og i indre balanse for å kunne gi og også ta imot. Det er et utrolig spennende concept som om ønskelig kan gi deg livslange innsikter. Embodied Flow™ har skapt noen unikke tekknikker som gir tilgang til dette konseptet slik det kan praksiseres i det daglige men øves på i asanas og meditasjon. Jeg gleder meg til å dele av denne kunnskapen og inkludere deg i redskapene skapt av EF.
Se Embodied Flows hjemmeside her: https://www.embodiedflow.com/

Vi vil ha et mantra felles for hele helgen.
Jeg vil gå gjennom forskjellige pranayamas som vi vil øve på og kroppsliggjøre og undersøke med Bodymindfulness hvordan de påvirker vårt indre.
Body-Mindfulness vil være underliggende helgen. Body-Mindfullness åpner opp for Embodied Flow™ prinsippene.
Savasana vil være en avsluttende praksis på alle fordypningstimene.
Meditasjon vil være en del av alle sessions.

Anatomien som vil bli undervist i har sitt opphav i Yogic Arts og Embodied Flow™.

Vi vil avslutte noen av fordypningsøktene med 30 minutters deling, spørsmål, tanker og opplevelser.

Ta tidsfordelingen med et klype salt, der kan forkomme endringer.
Vær innstillet på å være fleksibel og tilgjengelig for deg selv på kurset.

Du ma ha en egen matte og 2 blokker for å delta. Dette er viktig. Du viser deg selv at du er seriøs med praksisen og villig til å ta steget inn i yoga verdenen. Det er uansett god holdning over for meg, Siren og deg selv å ha eget utstyr. Har du ditt eget utstyr sier du indirekte til deg selv at du vil, skal og kommer til å øve når jeg drar. Zalando og XXL.no har billige og brukbare blokker.

Alltid ha med notatbok, drikke og teppe.
Ta med notatboken og legg den ved siden av matten og ta notater. Bruk boken aktivt.

Min hjemmeside: www.reflection.no
Her kan du lese alt om meg :-)

Immersion (hele helgen) 2500 kr.
2000 kr for medlemmer (members of) av Livsstilsenteret.
20% rabat om du har vært med 2 ganger før. Du har ansvaret for å gi meg riktige opplysninger.
Fredag kveld: 500 kr.
Lørdag morgen: 500 kr.

Sted/place: Livstilssenteret Bekkjarvik Austevoll.

Sjek airbnb.com slik du kan bo i et romantisk Naust. Check out airbnb.com for accomodation.

Du booker og betaler til meg Leika.
Send meg en mail: leikamn@gmail.com og du vil motta en faktura.
Du kan også betale via PayPal gjennom hjemmesiden min.
Viktig at du informerer meg om om du er medlem av Livsstilsenteret.
Kurset skal være betalt minimum 2 uker før oppstart. 2 ukers bindende påmelding.

Anbefalt lesning før, under og etter kurset:
Eckhart Tolle "the Power of Now" "Lev her og nå". Denne skal være lest ferdig om du har vært på kurset tidligere . Er du ny på kurset skal du ha påbegynt denne boken. Du kan også lese en av hans andre mange, flotte bøker.

Jeg setter opp mandagen til private sessions med meg.
* Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy.
* Somatisk bevegelses terapi, dette kan være dialog, craniosacral, thai massage eller remønstring av holdning, kroppslig oppførsel.
* Yoga fordypning og utvikling.
Jeg setter opp 3 sessions. Her er det første mann til mølla!
60 min.
Pris: 750 kr. 10% rabat om du deltar på kurset.

Er du klar for å gå dypt inn i yoga verdenen?
Jeg gleder meg stort til å dele av min kunnskap.

I lys og Namaste Leika Mark Noppenau,
Reflection Yoga
Reflection Therapy
Mob: 41353134

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Yoga & Astrology

January 31, 2019

Yoga & Astrology

The journey continues with Sol W. Jonassen, internasjonal kjent astrolog, jobber med blant andre New Paradim & Kaypacha, og Leika Mark Noppenau, Reflection Yoga & Reflection Therapy, successfull yoga facilitator basert i Hemsedal Norge.

Denne helgen inviterer vi deg til Bergen.


Fredag kl 18-21

Lørdag kl 10-13 & 15-18.

3 workshops 

Bevidstgjørelse og frihet.

Helgen har fokus på utvidelse av flyt & frihet.

Vi bruker astrologien som inspirasjon og som speilbilde for våre indre univers. Yoga fører oss til innsikt og befrielse.

TEMA: Urkaft & Originalitet.

Sted: Ametysten i Bergen.


Pakke pris: 1050 NKr.

1 workshop: 450 Nkr.

Join with a flexible mind and open heart... 

Sol's visdom er inspirende og kunnskapen til denne kvinne kan man bare bli fascinert av.

Leika, Leika har en helt spesiell og unik tilgang til mennesker og vesner og hennes intuition brukes til en hver tid aktiv. Hun "ser" deg og møter deg med varme og kjærlighet.

Disse to kvinnene sammen er en fantastisk unik energetisk sammelsmeltning som vil påvirke deg i ditt indre til mer flow og frihet. De inspirerer til selvinnsikt, fordypelse men de skaper også et rom for selvutforldelse som vil hjelpe deg stå i din urkraft og finne din originalitet.

Vi håper å se deg i Bergen.

Påmelding til Leika via hjemmesiden.

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