A Move of Significance

A cratch in the head worth a move...


  1. A new family and living partner.

  2. A new House in a new Location.

  3. From the Mountains to the Ocean.

  4. From Winter to Summer.

  5. New, plentyful job opportunities.

  6. It is time to shine in my career.

  7. from introducing yoga to a rigid, prejudiced society to living in a society where yoga is already integrated, loved and appreciated.

  8. from living in a society where spirituality is strange, weird and rejected to live in a society where it is seen as part of the whole.

  9. from living in a society that follows every single rule and restriction whether or not it is ethical right or wrong to moving into a society where virtue and integrity is being practiced.

  10. From living in a society where my own mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual health has been highly challenged to live in a society where all these areas will blossom.

I am honoring Universal Number 5 with this great move. The Universal Number 5; 2021, represents this:

  • NEW; new culture, new knowledge, new perspective, travel, start a new.

  • LIBERATION; realizing and seeing the Ego, becoming aware of what binds you, what strings/attachments/judgements are keeping you small, contained and keeping you from shining and living out your life purpose and dreams and then take measure to free yourself from bondage.

  • EXPANSION, the opposite of contraction, becoming the BIGGER, more mature you, allowing yourself to shine and take up space.

I will no longer be put down, harassed, discriminated, energetically shrinked. I am leaving the land of gossip, negativity and pointing fingers.


A small village in the mountains of Norway.

My Norwegian journey began here January 2000, 21 years ago. I came to snowboard, make money and then travel the world, which I did.

March 2001 I came back to Hemsedal for more snowboading and money making. August 2001 I settled in Bergen and started studying and exploring several sports and physical activities, I dived into dance ballet, contemporary and jazz, kung fu, swimming, pilates and spent hours in the sauna experimenting with breath. I spent 3 years in Bergen where I began the my Bachelor degree in Developmental Studies.

Oslo, I live and studied there for 6 years, worked at many different places. I became a mother in Oslo and I almost finished my master in Developmental Studies. Due to chock after coming home from Tanzania where I did fieldwork, stress, grief and fear due to a collapsing relationship with the father of our daughter I never finished. I spent most of my time crying behind my desk and computer screen. We moved to Hemsedal August/Sep 2010 in order to save our relationship, find our spark through snowboarding and I desperately needed to connect and come back to nature, city life was killing me too. We couldn't save the relation and May 2011 I became a single mother.

The Beginning of my Spiritual Journey.

Therapy was next even though I had started therapy a couple of years earlier in Oslo due to my mother, her alcohol addiction and the severe challenges I had in the relationship with my daughter's father.

It was time to heal.

Talk can only do so much. Cognitive Therapy can only do so much. It helped deeply and when I was hit by fear and verbal violence I received tools to cope.

Coincidences, which are not coincidences, but divinely created awakening gifts send me into Shamanism and meditation which would lead me into the Life Altering Journey that I have been on since.

Hemsedal was the location of transformation, living arena and creation of business. Practically noone had ever practiced yoga before in the village when I started teaching, only a few had had a taste of Ashstanga. I wanted to transform the whole village and get yoga into the schools as part of the weekly schedule, yoga for kids and teachers. I visionalized yoga for business and the municipality, yoga for elders, yoga for absolotely everyone. I did not expect the highe resistance, prejudicen and counterwork from the Christian society. No way according to the Christian Society that yoga, yoga practice, physical exercise, bodily alignment, strength and balance in Body, Mind and Soul, breathing exercises, stress release, meditation should be an offer for the children in Hemsedal, and so it started. The resistance and gossip.

I was a school teacher before. My job was to be in charge of "new" Norwegians, refugees, asylum children and kids from non-speaking Norwegian countries. When I told the principal of the school that I wanted to quite my job and pursue my Life's purpose to be a fulltime yoga teacher, he laughed, he almost died of cramps. He said: "Good luck" loaded with sarcasm. I just looked at him. The principal didn't want me to quite, I guess I did a good job. When I did finally quite my job I told him: "The job makes me sick, not the teaching part and being with the children I love that, but the endless teacher meetings, reports, superficial problems, gossip, negativity from "adults", pettiness, endless paperwork that doesn't have anything to do with education or with the wellbeing of the children. The job makes me sick, worst of all is the teacher meetings if you can promise me that I don not ever have to attend another teacher meeting I will stay in the job." Well, he couldn't promise that because what wouldn't the other teachers say. ... I quite. April 2013. I had already started to teach yoga at the time and the time was more than ripe to fully proceed it.

Since 2012 I desired to move away from Hemsedal. I longed for fellow soul spirit, awake people.

I bombarded the small village with classes, courses, workshops, immersions and retreats. I invited one of my teachers Master Duncan Wong to come and teach and I facilitated a Yoga and Sowbaord Retreat SNOGA 2015 & 2016 with him.

I opened up many eyes and arranged stages for healing. The school where I used to teach invited me to teach only the teachers once a year for a year in2014 after they finished work. They invited me back for another year in 2019. They asked for stress release, many had tension in neck and shoulders and wanted tools to quiet the mind.

Hemsedal was my arena for yoga play, curiosity and experiments. I introduced Embodied Flow to the yogis in 2015 which send many yogis and students into life altering change and eye opening experiences, including myself.

I am eternally grateful for the open hearts and minds of the students and yogis who came to my classes, courses, workshops and retreats. Some of these warmhearted people has practiced with me for 8 1/2 years, beginning to end in Hemsedal. I could not have made this my profession if it wasn't for you. Thank you so much for your adventurous mind and for again and again daring to venture into the uncomfortable.

These amazing experiences do not change the fact that I was personally not happy in Hemsedal. I affected (hopefully inspired) maybe 300-400 locals this included kids, youth, seniors and the Alpine Ski Team. 2200-2400 people live there all year around. I still had many people looking at me strange, heavy loaded with prejudice and threads of negativity. Hemsedal is a small place and everybody knows everybody. You cannot hide.

I've always lead an alternative life and been a controversial addition to society. I am known for radical, strong opinions and I have never been afraid to speak out against injustice, silliness, pettiness, discrimination, self richteousness and societal madness. For people living by the norm, by spoken and unspoken rules I have been a most uncomfortable mirror to a degree where the best survival mechanism for them has been to banish or ridicule me or gossip poisonously behind my back, I have heard: "I understand why you don't have any friends". As I am highly sensitive and an empath this has affected my Bodymind and soul on a daily basis. I am not immune to poison. Due to yoga, meditation, connection to the divine and nature, a strong alignment, heart, will and intuition I have survived the negativity in Hemsedal, I've always held my head high, stayed grounded (in most cases) and I've come out so much stronger and wiser. I have done my best. I have stayed strong and focused on my Dharma, daily aligned into my Heart and come back to my true essence and I have used inner and outer resources to stay true to myself.

I have one special and best friend in Hemsedal, her name is Gerd Line. I am deeply grateful for you. Thank you for always being there and your enormous inclusion and generous heart. I have some good and kind hearted friends in Hemsedal, friends centered in their heart, I will miss you dearly, especially you Panda.

Now. It is time to move on and leave Hemsedal with all it's content behind. I will be back to snowboard, reunite with precious ones and facilitate yoga journeys for the ones devoted to positive change and growth. If you wish to face your fears and know your darkness I am your teacher.


Nesodden Norway, a beautiful, fruitful, green pearl of a peninsula in the fjord of Oslo, very close to Oslo only 25 minutes away with a ferry and 40 minutes away with a car

It represents the colors green, turquise, blue and light. The colors of the heart, truth and enlightenment.

It is such a beautiful place and Ayoe and me both agree it is Anne of Green Gabbles in real life (Anne with an E). In addition Ayoe's best friend lives there and she even resembles Anne Shirley in nature and looks, or at least that it what Ayoe thinks, which makes my heart melt.

Nesodden represents a culmination of nature, fruitfulness, beauty, serenity, healing, physical and psychological wellbeing.

I am, as mentioned, highly sensitive and my whole bodymind and soul reacts with joy and sparkles to the energy on the peninsula. Nesodden is a crystal island founded on crystals which heighten the vibration there. You immediately see in nature, in the green, radiant trees and berry bushes. It is an island of abundance and of high frequent light. It is truly a spiritual place thick with airy wisdom.

We are coming home.

Darryl my love and soon to be partner in living was drawn to Nesodden at the same time as me (spring/summer 2020) and already knew in his heart he was moving there before he and I met (we met August 2020). It is our destiny to live on the peninsula of crystals, the yogini and the gardener are coming home. Together we will create something completely new. We have both seen our future, it includes shamanism, yoga, meditation and a Therapy Center, we will both be teachers and work as therapist facilitating journeys of healing. I have foreseen this so has Darryl. Time and Spiritual alignment will make this happen.

Nesodden is place where yoga is not only accepted but desired, warmly welcome and viewed at as "normal" and a sensible way to create a healthy living.

It is time to shine and expand and not hold back anymore.

We cannot wait to settle down and begin our new life. We have found the most amazing and magical house to live with fruit and berry trees. It already has a vegetable garden and it is begging for Darryl's green hands. The beach is just 100 meters downhill and Ayoe can't wait to bathe and swim there all summer. We all feel truly blessed. Source, Jupiter and the goddesses of Abundance have truly blessed us.

I will continue to teach online so I can stay connected to all of you world wide.

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