Meet Leika


"I am a condensed cloud of rainbow colors that can shift shape from the darkest of dark to the marble shimmering light of pink and silver.

Thunderbolts of lightning and hammering sounds of thunder echoes from my depth and none should be close when fireworks explodes from my tongue and eyes.

Sometimes the composed particles and molecules wrap another being in a lustful dance sending our beings into ecstasy of heavenly high notes.

Silver drops of salty taste are swallowed by earth as the my composed clouds transforms from heaviness into delight lightness.

With my green colors I lift up children's feet and make them run fast while they chase uncatchable  butterflies, the children giggle from the tickling particles swirling inside their tummy as butterflies of their inner realities come to live.

I create pink and orange heartshaped clouds full of amor. Angels play in these clouds with arrows and bows sending kisses into worlds of darkenss.

I am condensed clouds of rainbow colors full of dramatic shift shaping contrasts in which the complexities and simplisity of life is represented.

All that I am"

The day you let yourself be met, love will follow.

Leika Mark Noppenau

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Facilitator, Somatic Movement Therapist, Light Worker, Love Warrior, Healer of Wounds, Seer of the Veils, Modern Clairvoyant.

My name is Leika Mark Noppenau, born in 1978 in Denmark. I live in Hemsedal, the mountains of Norway. I am an international teacher, facilitating workshops and retreats worldwide. I am most of the year situated in Norway. Every summer you can find me in Denmark; Klitmøller aka Cold Hawaii.

My yoga educational background:

200h RYT Yogic Arts taught by Master Duncan Wong.

30h Intensive Basic Course with Master Duncan Wong.

300h RYT advanced Teacher Training in Embodied Flow™ taught by  founders Tara Judelle and Dr. Scott Lyons. 

30h Immersion in Embodied Flow™

50h Embodied Yin™ with Satu Tuomela, in process.

Shiva Sutra Study Group with Tara Judelle.

RYT 500 +

By education a:

Yogic Arts teacher.

An Embodied Flow™ inspired teacher.

3500h+ of teaching yoga.

My therapeutic background:

300h RYS Embodied Flow Somatic™ Movement Therapy (EFSMT) taught by Dr. Scott Lyons and Myra Avedon. I am in training.

A curiosity since early childhood about emotions, wounds, human psychic and behaviour have been driving forces. I was my friends therapist since the age of 6.

My educational healing background:

Inka Shamanism Rites.

Modern Shamanism by Jonette Crowley

Soul Body Fusion by Jonette Crowley

Akasha Skolen in Oslo, one year graduate as psychic and clairvoyant.

Workshops in Tarot Cards and Quarts Crystal healing.

Other physical background of importance:

Training gymnastics from 3-19 years old.

Gymnastic teacher 1995-98.

Gymnastic and anatomy education 1994/95.

Snowboard Instructor.

Div. courses in dance.

One year of practicing Kung Fu, Shaolin.

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