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Soul Reading

Energy and Clairvoyant session.

Through the connection of the divine I connect to see and gather information about you, present and past.

I use divine light energy as a healing method.

My gift is to see, I would have been called a seer in the middle ages.

I create a safe containor and you will be taken good care of. I  only see and get information on what you are ready to hear.

Possible themes:

  • Trauma

  • Oppression

  • Death

  • Exhaustion

  • Life purpose

  • Love

  • Relationships

  • Family, Genetic inheritance, situations, behaviour...

  • Finances

  • Protection

  • Grounding

  • Spiritual animals

  • Guardian angel

  • Entities

Soul reading and/or Energy cleansing and healing.


1:1 60 min 950 NKr.

Reach out if you struggle financially. It is possible to get 10% discount but only if you are struggling. Please get in touch.

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