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On Demand Videos

You can practice with me from the comfort your home by watching these on-demand videos, available for 72 hours after your order

All videos have playlists. You find them on Spotify: Leika Mark Noppenau.

If you purchase a video remember to download it onto your device.

Slow Flow & Yin

Slow Flow & Yin

Slow Flow & Yin E-Motions : Energy in Motion Awesome for hips, pelvic halves, sacrum, psoas, hamstring. Lots of spinal twists, release tension alongside the spine. No Emotions are wrong, all emotions are meant for you to feel. How you feel is not wrong. We have all sometime in our life been told: "Stop crying." "Don't be angry." "Lust is sinful." We do not speak about lust. Lust does not exist in you. Many emotions bring shame and tabu with them. "I am not envious." "I've never been jaloux." Some emotions are not at all accepted or they are looked down upon. It doesn't change the fact that they are in you. There are stored, hidden away, ignored, put away in hips, in the digestion system, forbidden emotions can put behind doors, locked away inside your body somewhere. But they do not disappear. They brew and brew until the day your body screams "deal with me!" "Listen to me!" "Feel me!!" In this class we tap into Energy that flows in you that may appear as feelings and maybe not. Your body will show you what you need to focus on and dive into. Notice the behaviour when you are in asanas, positions, that are very uncomfortable. What are you reactions to what is uncomfortable? Do you distract yourself with thoughts, get out of the pose, run away, shut down, ignore, turn your back to, leave, blame yourself, negative self talk? Good idea to write down afterwards. What emotions are tabu and shameful for you? Pranayama, Slow, very gentle flow, Yin Embodied, embodiment practices. All levels, also beginner beginners.
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