Online Yoga

You can practice with me from the comfort of your home and I offer three options:

1) A FB group with 4 live video streams and recordings per week, membership options 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month. 

2) On-demand videos which you can watch on this website or download for you to keep.

3)  Online Events and Courses on Zoom.

Playlists on Spotify: Leika Mark Noppenau.


FACEBOOK GROUP - Live  YOGA Lessons & Videos

Half price from April 2022!

Membership options:

1 month, 24 lessons +: 600 NKr, 400 DKr, 50 €.

2 weeks, 16 lessons +: 400 NKr, 300 DKr, 35 €.

1 week, 12 lessons +: 300 NKr, 200 DKr, 25 €.

50 % off the prices here from April 2022, only 2 recordings pr week. Videos available 4 weeks.


The lessons range from:

* Embodied Flow

* Creative Vinyasa Flow

* Yogic Arts

* Shiva - Shakti Flow

* Yang, Strength & Power

* Free Movement

* Sunrise Vinyasa Flow

* Slow Flow

* Embodied Yin inspired.

* Restorative Yoga, using props, bolsters, 3-5 min in each release and relax pose.

* Meditation

You get one free lesson to see if the group fits you, your needs and desires.


STREAM my on-demand video classes on this website


  • Buck Full Moon Yoga & Meditation
    tir. 12. jul.
    Tuesday July 12: 18-20.30 Yoga & Meditation We embody the energy of the Full Moon the day before the moon is the fullest. This will prepare you but also make you comprehend the intense energy that will be floating and building up on our insides.
  • Embody & Empower your inner Fire
    fre. 15. jul.
    Ananda Hytta
    An Embodied Yoga Workshop 15-16 July. 3 sessions: Embody & Empower your inner Fire. Friday 16-19 Saturday 10-13 & 15-18. A Soul Body Mind Fusion event that will feed your inner fire energy.
  • Embody & Empower your inner Fire - Denmark
    lør. 23. jul.
    An Embodied Yoga Workshop 23-24 July LEO TIME! It's my birthday! Astrology and the Fire element embodied. 3 sessions: Embody & Empower your inner Fire. Saturday 10-13 & 15-18. Sunday 11-14. A Soul Body Mind Fusion event that will feed your inner fire energy.
  • Tilbake til sansene - Embodied Yoga Retreat - Life of the Senses
    tor. 22. sep.
    Jeg har lyst å invitere deg til noe magisk. Jeg har lyst å invitere deg tilbake til jorden og naturen. Vi skal tilbake til sansene, ro og fred. Vi skal tilbake til det simple livet hvor vi har god tid. Du skal være med til det magiske og unikke stedet Nord ved Krøderfjorden.