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Online Yoga

You can practice with me from the comfort of your home and I offer three options:

1) A FB group with 4 live video streams and recordings per week, membership options 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month. 

2) On-demand videos which you can watch on this website or download for you to keep.

3)  Online Events and Courses on Zoom.

Playlists on Spotify: Leika Mark Noppenau.


FACEBOOK GROUP - Live  YOGA Lessons & Videos

Half price from April 2022!

Membership options:

1 month, 24 lessons +: 600 NKr, 400 DKr, 50 €.

2 weeks, 16 lessons +: 400 NKr, 300 DKr, 35 €.

1 week, 12 lessons +: 300 NKr, 200 DKr, 25 €.

50 % off the prices here from April 2022, only 2 recordings pr week. Videos available 4 weeks.


The lessons range from:

* Embodied Flow

* Creative Vinyasa Flow

* Yogic Arts

* Shiva - Shakti Flow

* Yang, Strength & Power

* Free Movement

* Sunrise Vinyasa Flow

* Slow Flow

* Embodied Yin inspired.

* Restorative Yoga, using props, bolsters, 3-5 min in each release and relax pose.

* Meditation

You get one free lesson to see if the group fits you, your needs and desires.


STREAM my on-demand video classes on this website


  • FREE Webinar Numerology & Yoga
    fre. 03. feb.
    Zoom Meeting
    2023 has it's own energy that affect all human beings on the planet. 2023 2+0+2+3=7 is the Universal Year of Number 7. It is a spiritual number that leads you into the bigger questions about life and yourself. I call it the Soul BodyMind Fusion year.
  • FREE Webinar Embody your Brain
    fre. 03. feb.
    Zoom Meeting
    Embodiment of our Brain is a POWER TOOL This is much more than brain training. It is a direct felt sense thereby expanding communication, knowledge and possibilities in dimensions.
  • Numerology Embodied - 2023 - Online Yoga Workshop
    lør. 04. feb.
    Online Yoga Workshop Zoom
    2023 Numerology Embodied. Universal Year Number 7. Soul Body Fusion. Embodied Flow Yoga Workshop. I invite you to a small taste of what the year has in store for you.
  • Embody your Brain - Online Yoga Program
    man. 06. feb.
    Embodied Yoga & Somatic Awareness Developed to enhance health and wellbeing. This is more than brain training as it is embodiment which means direct feeling and experiencing. Training your brain is amazing and powerful but feeling and moving your brain with intention is another ballgame.
  • Leaning into You - Embodied Yoga - Online Program.
    tir. 07. feb.
    Online Yoga Course
    Leaning into You - a pathway to find your way home. Embodied Yoga; Meditation, Mantra, Vinyasa Flow Embodied, Free Movement, Journaling.
  • Numerology & Yoga Embodied
    lør. 11. feb.
    Numerology og Yoga Embodied. Et meget spennende tema og måte å gjøre yoga på. Jeg har i 10 år spesialisert seg på å mikse astrologi, numerologi, yoga, meditasjon og bevegelse. Denne cocktailen er kraftfull i innsikt, forandring, forståelse og transformasjon.
  • Freedom & Boundaries - Zen Coaching & Embodied Yoga
    lør. 25. feb.
    Freedom & Boundaries. An embodied & somatic approach to understanding the principle, value & felt sense of Freedom. An important topic in these days. We offer this insightful & transformative workshop as a way to deepen your self knowledge and give your tools to navigate in relationships & society.
  • Horisont åpnende kommunikasjon -  Embodied Yoga & Zen Coaching (1)
    lør. 22. apr.
    Du vet, når du har de der hjertelige samtaler, hvor du prater rett fram og rett fra leveren? Du kjenner til de sant? Det er ganske så befriende. A return to Empathic & Honest Communication - eye to eye, heart to heart, liver to liver. We meet as equals.
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