60 min session

75 min session

Private Yoga


60 min session


60 min session

3-9 group

75 min session

10+ group

75 min session

From beginner to master classes, from physical challenges, rehabilitation, injuries to mental and emotional restoration.

Do you want to expand your Asana level?

Maybe you have never done yoga before and you want 5 private lessons to make you feel comfortable before going into public classes.

I can create classes for you honering your needs or curiousity.

The lessons can include philosophy, shamanism, breathwork.

I can create classes for you that takes you into the world of yoga through an understanding of asana and anatomy.

Your Yoga Studio might be interested in hosting a weekend in the principle of Yielding or maybe you wish to give your instructors an embodiment weekend in fascia, the fascial lines and Pathways of Connectivity.

I can knit together lessons that are unique to you.

Maybe you have practiced for years but are curious about embodiment and expanding your inner knowledge, expand your consciousness through movement and meditation.

It could be you want to connect to certain bodyparts like the mammilary bodies and learn how to manipulate your happy hormones.

The Wood Meridian lines and the Yin and Yang flow of the Metal Element in you may be in imbalance and you wish to restore balance here.

The options are multiple. Write me and ask if I can help you meeting your needs, curiousity and yoga journey.

Corporate Yoga

Yoga at your work. Yoga for buisnesses, corporations, private, public sectors. Yoga for schoolteachers, health-workers, hospital employees and so forth...

Depending on your type of business you can always enhance wellbeing, increase health and boost the immunesystem. You can offer yoga or meditation to create more harmonious and grounded workers and employees.

If your business is in carpentry or agriculture your workers need something very different from people sitting behind a desk all day.

Maybe you are schoolteachers and there is an immediate need for stress relief?

60 minutes max 10 people 1500 Kr.

10 lessons 45 or 60 min 10000 kr max 10 people.

100 kr extra pr pers above the 10 persons.

(f.ex: 10 lessons 12 people = 12000 Kr.)

Transportation and traveltime is not included in the price.

Equipment is not included in the price.

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