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New Year's Eve Retreat in Mexico coming Up! Baja here we come. Stay tuned.:

  • Back to Soul - Yoga Retreat
    Back to Soul - Yoga Retreat
    ons. 08. mai
    Chilches, Vélez Málaga
    08. mai 2024, 16:00 – 12. mai 2024, 12:00
    Chilches, Vélez Málaga, Calle Trasera Granada, 3, 29790 Vélez-Málaga, Málaga, 29790 Chilches, Vélez Málaga, Málaga, Spain
    Welcome to a Soulful Yoga Retreat. We are going to bathe in the sun and invite the radiant sunbeams to transform our inner molecular patterns. Massimo and Leika want to bring back Soul and Depth into the yoga practice. We can think of no better place than under the beaming, wonderful sun in Spain.
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