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Conversations with Leika

Beach Chairs
Hands Touching
Head Massage

12 weeks Therapeutic Program with Leika

Uniquely created for you.

It starts when you are ready.

Online on Zoom or in Person.

Digital Reading

Package deal


face to face
In Person or Online

7 * 90 min sessions

We start with a conversation and end with one.

Let's meet over a cup of coffee.

You are unique. There is noone like you. You will receive personal, indiviadualized sessions to meet your needs.

This can contain of:

  • Therapeutic and cognitive conversations

  • Somatic Movement Conversations.

  • Meditations

  • Sound and mantra therapy

  • Movement

  • Breathing exercises

  • Energy control practices

  • Yoga

  • Touch

  • Cranio Sacral

  • Thai Massage

  • Energy Healing

  • Soul Reading and Healing


Chat Sessions

Optional, only if you need it.

I am available for you to chat 3 times online 30 min chats.

After session 2, 4 and 6.

Here you can gather your most important questions and ask me what you wonder about or tell me about your experiences or confussion.


Guided Meditations

You are unique and the meditation that you need is different from other people. You will receive recorded guided meditations, from 2 to 4 depending on your needs.

These can include mantras.


In - Between Sessions Assignments.

In order to blossom and get an expanded higher quality of life we must do the work.

You will receive assignments for you to do in between the sessions. This will be followed up by me. These assignments are valued just as high as the sessions themselves.

Assignments can be:

  • Journaling

  • Observations and Reflections

  • Painting/drawing

  • Time in nature

  • Activities; active or passive

  • Music and or sounds

  • Yoga

  • Meditations

  • Movement exercises

  • Breath and energy work.

They will be individual and unique to you as your needs are very specific to you. 


Higher and improved Quality of Life

A much deeper and holistic understanding of yourself that can take you on the path of self acceptance. This journey with me is a pathway to extended joy, love and compassion.

It is a challenging world we live in where most of us have had several traumatic experiences. Some might say we are born into a world full of traumas where cultural, political systems, school systems and so forth are structured in way to traumatize some individuals, certain groups. It is traumatic in itself to be forced into a box where you are told by society and parents "you must fit into this box or you are of no value". Unfortunately in many areas of life the box is getting more and more narrow and you may experience that your body, your soul cannot be quised into that little square.  That type of experience may have certain negative and destructive consequences for the indidual and unique person. 

This program is a holistic approach to therapy, that will give you the necessary tools for self insight, discovery and empowerment. For years I have attained the knowledge and technical skills necessary, to act as mediator and guide between making a clients inner struggles, a non-threatening conscious experience.

This ensures a safe road back into wellness and embodied healing. If wholehearted living and wellness sounds appealing, then my years of expertise on self inquiry and enlightened practice will pave the road towards finding the strength and courage necessary for your inherent right to human empowerment.

I would like to highlight here for the purposes of integrity, and for that of any client that is consenting to a developmental program with myself that the package I am proposing to offer must be integrated as a daily practice and discipline for the desired outcome of healing to take affect and to show very real, and tangible results.  

This program is specifically aimed at handling symptomatic reactions to:

  • The effects of Trauma

  • Experiencing Flashbacks

  • Stress Management

  • Difficulty with regulating emotions

  • Addictions, emotional numbing

  • Trust Issues

  • Self worth/Confidence Issues

  • Anger

  • Depression

  • Dissociation

  • Loneliness

  • Isolation

  • Restlessness, irritability

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • Grief, hopelessness, loss.

  • Heartache

  • Toxic relationship patterns

  • Abuse in all forms

You may have a feeling that something is wrong but you can't put a finger on it then reach out and have a free 30 min conversation with me to discover if I can guide you into inner understanding and well-being.

If you feel dominated by shame, fear, rage or grief this program can help you redirect and transform those emotions. If you experience numbness or powerlessness this program can give you tools to alter those states of Mind inte strength, clarity, confidence and power.

Today, unfortunately, it is more and common to not know thyself, to not have a sense of self. This I can help you with. I can help you get a sense of Self and I can guide you back into your Bodymind so you start to get to know the REAL YOU. This program is a Soul and Emotional Journey, where we take steps, one by one to integrate your ESSENCE back into your physical vehicle. 

What I can promise is to do my absolute best to SEE you, meet and hear you.

I go by intuition, true connection and empathy, as I am what you call an Empath, Healer and Somatic Movement Therapist. In sessions with me you will be met with empathy, warmth and space.

To create safe containors is of utmost importance when we go deep. Trust is very important. You should feel safe as you spill out your guts and journey inwards to discover and uncover your unconscious. This program is designed to do just that.

After 12 weeks:

  • You will have received tools to enhance your sense of Self.

  • You will know yourself much better.

  • You will have a clearer idea of what and who you are and therefore of what you dream of.

  • You will know how to manage Emotions better.

  • Tools to handle grief, rage, depression and anxiety.

  • Grounding techniques that are calming for the nervous system.

  • You will know how to direct your energy in postive and empowering ways.

  • Greater communication skills.

  • Build up confidence and self worth.

  • You will feel less lonely.

  • You have started to climb up from the hole and darkness. 

  • Healed some of your wounded Body & Mind.

  • Clearer and healthier boundaries.

  • Strength to stand in your truth, you will get stronger little by little.

  • More authentic.

  • You will feel more whole and therefore live life more wholeheartedly.

  • You will be on your way to WholeHearted living.

  • More joy in your life.

  • Your heart will sing

  • Your soul will shine brighter through your eyes.

You are 100% unique. Your background, history, experience and inheritance are completely unique to you. This program will meet your needs and therefore the outcome will be different from other clients. Your journey is yours alone but I will stand next to you for 12 weeks to guide and help you.

For the best outcome possible your dedication to the program must be 100%. Assignments should be followed everyday for 12 weeks if you want the most positive and empowering outcome and change your life for the better. This program can change your life. Your rutines, perception of life and Self may radically change to contain much more love and trust and much less shame. 

To look into ones reflection with a real sense of clarity is not an easy ride, in fact it is often full of bumps, forks and many different challenges.

This is why the full package provided is full of diverse, ritualistic practices that will put all that has an intent of nurturing themselves fully, back into connection with themselves, and to once again feel a benevolent connection to nature and their own felt sense of union to it.

Exploration of one’s own inner compass is a truly courageous journey to commit to, it should be honored with the utmost responsibility and due care. This will in turn restore and resolve our relationship to faith, and this is one of the essentials keys into the expressions of love, compassion, joy and inner peace we hold such great value upon as human beings.

You deserve love, you deserve healing. Surrender to your full potential as a conscious, selfreflective, living soul with humility, with compassion, and from your heart.

We start when you are ready.


Liberation of You


Package Price: 11990 NKr

Pay once a month: 4490 NKr.

Pay once a week: 1390 NKr.

Free Conversation

30 min free conversation to get to know me and tell me about your concers, needs, fear and so forth.

The chemistry must be right for us to cooperate, communicate and create the right and best therapeutic journey. it is important you feel safe and seen. A free conversation gives you an opportunity to feel if I am your right Therapist. 

Contact me in inbox and sign up for 30 min conversation.

The more honest and straightforward you are the easier it is for me to help and guide you. When you sign up or buy a package please write me why and what you wish for.

You are very welcome to book and buy the package if you just know it is right for you. 

We meet either online on Zoom or in person in Ås (Aas) Norway, 30 km south of Oslo.

Embodied Outcome

Jeg følte en instant connection med Leika da jeg begynte å gå til henne for mine psykiske og fysiske plager. Hun ser meg, hører på meg og jeg kjenner virkelig en forandring i kropp og sinn hver gang jeg har hatt time med henne. Energi-arbeidet vi gjør på benk er veldig kraftfullt, noe jeg ikke har opplevd før! Veldig fornøyd og ser frem til hver time med Leika.

Thea Bergersen Nordlie

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