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Certified Yoga Teacher and Facilitator * Embodied Flow™ inspired Facilitator * Somatic Movement Therapist * Healer * Clairvoyant * Reflection Yoga

I am:

A laugh that comes from the depth of roots that echoes into space and fills the surroundings with joy.
I am a truth seeker strong enough to face my fears with a bleeding heart.
I am a joyrider and a caregiver of nature.
I am a mother learning about communication via the language of my daughter.

I am a Warrior of Love.
I am love.

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"(...)If you are looking to go inward, expand your mind and develop a more meaningful relationship with yourself while in yoga practice, you need to get to know Leika through her online classes and stick with her for the long run as enlightenment does not happen overnight. It takes work and commitment. Leika is right there...committed and doing the work with you (...)"

Sara Ringelman

Astrologer, Essential Oil Therapist, Wellness Coach

“Leika Yoga is without a doubt the most present and attentive yoga I have ever tried. Leika has a unique competence to unleash feelings and state of the mind through her practice and her personality. Doing yoga with Leika has given me a new understanding of grounding and connecting with my mental state I have not experienced elsewhere throughout my ten years of practicing (...)”

Line Søborg Rasmussen 
Dancer, Model

"For me, Leika is Yoga. I have followed her yoga classes online for a while and she has taken me by storm. Her approach, dissemination, insight, message and presence, of yoga are formidable.
She offers challenges in relation to your own body, as well as self-examination. She puts alot of herself in to each yoga
lesson, she shares her own vulnerability, gives you opportunities to experience / meet physical and mental challenges you may have, she guides you elegant through the classes (...)"

Toril Rosemary McIlwraith

 Co-Founder of


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