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Embodied Flow™ to me,

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The realization of Self via and through the body.

Embodied Flow™ invites you into self-discovery of you, peeling of the intricate and multiple layers of the divine being you are. Embodiment means letting the Bodymind become aware of itself.

Embodied Flow offers techniques to enter into the feltsense of your skin, bones, organs, endocrine system, fluids, nervous-system and energy Bodymind. It has it’s base in Tantric Philosohy, Kashmir Shaivism using tools, mantras, sutras, kriyas, meditation, yoga asana and free movement to unravel the complexities of the dense form you are. In Embodied Flow we discover and uncover form and formlessness via our Bodymind.

The teachings are profound and transformative.

“You are being danced by the universe itself you might as well be danced with eyes open.”

Uncover the veils of you with me.


Embodied Flow™ to me is the yoga journey. It is the journey of life. Yoga is life and Embodied Flow offers a profound and life altering opportunity to travel the roads with wide open eyes. Embodied Flow gives you a chance to every single day, every single moment transform and become aware.


My journey

In 2014 there was a woman named Tara Judelle coming to Oslo. I had no idea who she was. I did not google her, I had no background information about her at all. I just knew I had to go.

Two workshops. She spoke 20-30 minutes first in each workshop, about tantra, tantric philosophy, it was the first time I heard detailed information about tantra, about Kashmir Shaivism. She spoke about non-dualism and how it integrated dualism. I had studied philosophy for some years and I had always been curious about life, existence, the universe, "Is there a God?" "Where did it all come from?" "When I die is it just black and I'm gone?", our thinking mind, illusions and so forth. I've had questions in my bodymind (back then I would say mind) since I was a kid about the purpose of life, love, pain, betrayal, wounds, hatred, abuse, deception. Conditioned love was something I rebelled against and I rebelled against what I saw (still see) as stupid norms, rules, blind, nonsense and very unintelligent societal and cultural norms based on control, obedience, fear, where the independent, autonomous person is being struck down. I saw (still see) unintelligent human beings, oftentimes dogs are smarter, and wondered why people could be so stupid and blind, willingly stay and be assholes, and not once look up and ask themselves is there another way to be, to live, to love.

When Tara spoke I just got it. Pieces of puzzles got back in place. Her words and wisdom made sense. I also knew that there was so much I did not know, that this would be a beginning of a life changing journey of enlightenment. I had to know more of all that I didn't know. I had to.

I knew she knew I understood, tantra and her introduction. I sensed she knew exactly where I was in the universe and in me. I felt a strong connection as if she was in my head and I got several confirmations through eyecontact, nodes and almost invisible smiles.

I remember I thought she looked stoned. As if she was way out there yet fully present. She had a presence that I had not experienced before.

We talked after the workshops, she encouraged me to go to bali a year later for her first Teacher Training with Scott Lyons in Embodied Flow. I told I would be there.

I was thrown into mudpooles of uncomfortability.

My greatest motto at the time and my opening frase as we sat down in the welcome circle.

I'm here to face my fears.

And boy did I.

One thing is for sure. I have courage. I embody 100 lions and a 100 dogs when it comes to facing my fears. I am head on. Yes. I am afraid. Yes it freaks me out. But will I be dominated by fear? No fucking way! Am I dominated by fear? Yes! I have blindspots, I have weaknesses, I am coward when it comes to facing one certain person in my life. I am a coward in ways I do not know because I cannot see those sides of me, yet. But will I for the rest of my life face my fears? Yes I will.

It is my conclusion after deliberately, with the aquired awareness I have embodied, that I transform and transmute fast like a jaguar and wisdom enters my bodymind like stardust onto trees. I am fast, like lightning, in embodiment and somatic awareness.

My first death was with ayuhuasca June 2012. May 2014 when I met Tara Judelle in Oslo I found a ground, roots for my never ending transformation, I embodied my vertical line and became one. I have had multiple deaths with Embodied Flow and I am happy to know endless deaths await me.

I humbly accept my not knowingness. I humbly accept that I am nothing and everything.

All the structures, forms and shapes that are me I can embody. All the formlessness that is me I can embody. There is not a road that I cannot travel. I am unlimited options and possibilities. That I have embodied through the guidance of Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons.

When you have embodied a part of you it becomes a truth.

I bow to my teachers Tara and Scott. In love and light your Leika.

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