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Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Numerology & Spiritual meaning of numbers.

2022 - Triple 2

Triple 2; 2(0)22 is a powerful and very significant number in a spiritual sense. It means Beginning of a New Beginning, but not just beginning a new project, beginning a new year or even beginning of a decade. It means life altering beginning for centuries. It is the start of the New Paradigm. It means life altering beginning for the individual and collective. Your individual dreams, plans are going to develop and your reality will change. It is the beginning of new personal worldview, what gives meaning to you will change, you will make different choices, manifest, your reality will become different, for many spiritual connection will expand and an understanding of universal truth will penetrate reality, more people will awaken, connection and how to create harmony will be highlighted. 2022 will be the foundation for new educational, financial, business, family, cultural, political structures and ideology that will affect the next generation and the next. The powerful and transforming energy of 2022 will affect absolutely everyone on our planet.

2022 is a New beginning for the collective, for all individuals, for all beings. It is an New Paradigm that will change, uproot, restructure society, cultures, finances, educational systems, religions, governments, political hirarchies. The world as we know it is no longer tomorrow. We are moving from a Patriarchal World Dominated Reality into something completely New; the Age of Aquarius. It is not a coincidence that Uranus was trine the Sun and Moon on the very first day of 2022, January 1st Uranus was central and powerful placed in our Universe. Uranus which represents Aquarius. The Sun and Moon were in Capricorn which mean grounded manifestation and longterm goals changing structures into containing more freedom, expansion and connection. Uranus as Aquarius represents Liberation, Freedom, Expansion, Awareness, Spirituality, Wisdom, Higher Consciousness. A grounded felt sense of connection to the whole was given us the very first day of 2022. What a blessing and what a message! Change is coming my dear.

New World Paradigm - 2022.

A beginning. Of new.

Something new, something none of us can predict. We haven't seen this one. This new world structure is not something we have experienced on Earth. This might be the Paradigm of Enlightenment, of justice, of TRUE Equality, where no man is better than another, where the one with money can't dictate, ridicule or exploit the poor.

The Age of Aquarius.

Where a felt sense of connection becomes the reality of everyone. Where we feel and embody "You shall not treat another as you would not want to be treated yourself" because we feel the injustice, live with both embodied wisdom and empathy.

We will come back to a felt sense that every individual is part of a whole, that our planet and beloved Earth is part of a gigantic whole and that when you mistreat one you mistreat the whole.

2022 a Foundational Start of our New Paradigm where we start to understand the true meaning of Love, where we start to realize how we have lived in False Love, how statements of love have been used to control and manipulate rather than set you free and honor everyone's divinity.

2022 a gigantic stepping stone into something completely new. The stepping stone is so big you need to climb up, as one of the stones of a pyramid in the middle of Amazonian Rainforest. You need stairs to climb up the start of the pyramid. I cannot say enough how important this year is, 2022. As Tania Gabrielle says, a known astrologer, this year you must choose to vibrate what you want to see in the world. This year is called RESONANCE according to her.

The New Paradigm in which we are entering represents a fusion, an acceptance and an embodiment of the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine. We move from an Ego based domination of Patriachical Structure where men has ruled the world and sat on the Power of Definition. It has been a Paradigm of Fear, strike down, aggression and control, also executed by women as the Human Being has been programmed into thinking, cognitively programmed into domination, domination has been normalized and put under the category "civilization". Now manyunconsciously wants to be dominated otherwise they don't feel safe or right. We have been bombarded with sentenses like: "This is the way", "I am more than you", "I am the boss, you are just an employee", "if you do not behave, feel, do and act as I want you to do I will punish you.", "I have studied 10 years, you have only begun, therefore I decide." "I will lock you up till you come to your senses" some with a famous ending line "it's just because I love you" or "It's for your own good.". Women as well as men have been caught, raised to believe that hirarchical structures, financial wealth and titles have been main goals in life, titles and money makes you respectable and worthy. A ph.d degree is the road to success, wealth, recognition and admiration. Owning your own house, a cabin and an electric car gets you respect and power. The material world, getting rich whether it is on other people's behalf or not, exploiting the poor and uneducated people, naming groups uncivilized and calling certain people "rats" leaving yourself on the top of the foodchain have been and still is "normal" and accepted in the unconscious shadow area of humans, brilliantly manifactored to leave people in denial and ignorance, false virtues, false identities "I am not like that" "I don't call people rats" yet a person will anytime gossip about the neighbor. The separation and superiority ideology will become past. This belongs to the Old Patriarchal Paradigm. We are moving away from the authoritarian and dominating structures and perception to "I listen to you" "I embrace your individuality and respect your truth", " I will not imprison you or parent you in fear, shame and guilt." we are moving towards Universal Law where no one is superior but everyone is needed and respected. The Shamans have all along known this and lived by the principles of Natural and Universal Laws. We are moving into a Paradigm where the Feminine and Masculine are equally important, Shiva & Shakti in harmony.

Does it sound to good to be true?

This is coming to all of us, it will be the future and the reality of now-ness. But, that means death to the Old Paradigm. That means killing and uprooting the old, destructive behavioral patterns. It means an ENOURMOUS LETTING GO. This is what 2022 offers: Death & Birth. Triple 2.

You must be brave dear one and continuesly choose your heart. You must recognize your own behaviour and when you act from the programming of the old Patriarchal Systemic World Brain command center. If we are to successfully embrace the gift coming our way, climb up that first stepping stone, which can be slow or fast yet painful either way, we must not stray from moral and ethical principles. We must keep coming back to Natural and Universal Law and Truth. Aquarius is all about Universal TRUTH, higher consciouness. This means leaving low frequency behind, leave Egoistic man-made and controlling laws behind, dare to be humble and choose to have the energy to act, be and vibrate in wisdom and compassion. This requires us to choose the vibration we want to see the world and beings bathe in.

2 space 22

2 0 22

We have a single 2 first, then zero, accompanied with 22.

In numerology the single number 2 represents the divine feminine, Yin Quality, the Moon, sensitivity and emotions. It also represents duality, partnerships, soulmates.

There are two sides of a coin, there is a Yin and a Yang side and number 2 seeks to harmonize and balance the two opposites. Number enlightens polarities and brings awareness to duality and polarities. As in partnerships, romantic relationships, opposites attracts. The feminine is attracted to the masculine and the two is magnified together, the gold wants to dance with silver and develop a sacred connection.

The first 2 has several meanings as I see it.

  • Connection

  • Harmony

  • Accepting dualism and melting into non-dualism

  • The Moon

  • Sensitivity

  • Sensuality

  • Partnerships

But the first number 2 of 2022 also represents leaving and healing the past. It is inviting us into our inner deep Self for an uncomfortable Deep Dive to finally release traumas, bringing more of the unconscious into consciousness. The first 2 invites you to face yourself. Number 2 is the Great Mirror. You can get sudden epiphinies, you might all the sudden be ready to face the ugly truth about yourself, heal that wound and then finally set yourself free of the past.


22 is a Master Number, a sacred high vibrational number, it is known as the number of Angels, Quardian angels, Archangels. If you see the number 22 it is a sign of Angels and Angels are close. They are present to either support, heal or protect you. It means you are safe, loved and on the right path.

22 also represents Dharma and destiny. You are on your way to your destiny, you are living your dharma, your divine calling is being presented to you.

22 is a Powerful, Manifesting number, it is the master number of creating and creativity. It is getting things done, it is walking your talk, living with high moral principles and having integrity. The number is both dreamy and practical. 22 symbolizes making your dreams come true. 22 is vibrating in a frequency that makes you create, dare to walk and step into your destiny.

The Shadow side is Fear and Ignorance. That you may be in denial of everything spiritual or you may be caught in so much darkness that you are not capable of taking the step out of darkness and into light. Fear might paralyze you and stop you from stepping onto your Dharma path. A helpful and very available tool is to call in the Angels to strengthen you and help you take your first steps. 22 is your sign. They are there. Open up and receive what you need to manifest and create the reality you dream of and deserve.

Universal Number 6

2022; 2+0+2+2 = 6.

Each year has it's own vibration, different from each other, each year offers lessons and growth opportunities, the more conscious you are the more valuable lessons you will receive that will give you the opportunity to become wiser, a better person, more mature and more at peace.

We leave 2021, universal year 5 behind, which was a year of Liberation, themes of freedom, your individuality was in the center of attention, travel, exploration of new places, new knowledge, new cultural insights and the year of instant karma, which came back to some persons 10 fold. 2021 was a year where you had to learn your lessons and they more your were in denial or ignorance the harder the lessons.

This year has a very different vibration. The qualities and themes in focus are very different from 2021. This is the year of LOVE, healing and relationships. This is a We & Us year, going from I/me/mine to plural. Relation; you and me will be the center of attention. Relationships have multiple faces and dimensions, the relationship you have with your colleque is one, the relationship you have with the maid another, but FAMILY and partnerships are specially in your eyesight this year. You may just meet your soulmate or realize that she was right next to you all these years and now you see her in a different light. You may also enter or already be in a Karmic relationship where there are lessons to be learned for the both of you. Some call Universal Number 6 the year of divorce or marriage.

Is it fun to go back to 2013; 2+0+1+3= 6. What happened in 2013? I remember mine well. I meet what I thought was my soulmate, the man of my dreams. He was longed for, I missed him even though I had not met him in this lifetime. When we were close to each other the ground would shake, I would tremble. I dissolved easily into particles with him and we both experienced what is know as Soul Orgasm. We were bound together by Karma. We had accumulated life times of Karma and it all came together and also an end in 2013. 6 month of absolute delight, passion, ecstacy and PAIN. It was the most amazing experience at the same time the most painful and heartaching experience of my life. Jeez... What is magical about Universal Number 6 is that is offers Healing, healing of all the shame, fear, wounds, pain and traumas.

This year will be even more significant as it consists of tripple 2. Woohoo!

Yes, the year of unconditional Love, Healing, Harmony, Relationships and Abundance.

This year invites us to mature in all matters of the Heart.

We are being asked to step up from love based in Ego, control, possesiveness, jealousy, fear, abandonment issues, unworthiness, insecurities to tolerance, trust, compassion, empathy, spacegiving, being the active listener, mature, wise communication, emotional communication, vulnerability, honesty and freedom. Love doesn't guilttrip you. Love is not a game. Love doesn't treat you as if you are a prize to have and possess. I've loved from Ego myself, but loving from Ego is not actual love. Love is ultimately in it's purest form a very high vibration, pure. There is contamination or toxic energy in Love. In it's absolute it is unconditional.

We, as Human Beings, are in for some lessons this year. last year was an Instant Karma year based on Individuality and Ego. 2022 and the Universal number 6 represents karma in relationships and all matters of the heart.

Love is freedom. Love is to set one free. Love is to set yourself free. Love is to love someone else knowing, accepting that you do not and will never own that person. You cannot own someone. You cannot own your children. Your child is his own.

Your partner of romance is not someone you can form, shape or dominate. I have met considerable men trying to convince that I am wrong, "You are not doing it right", "take care of this/that" "Don't", I have met numerous men who claims to know me "I know you" "You are..." and "You are..." Love doesn't tell you what to do, feel ,act or behave like or set conditions on you. Love embraces you for who you are, flaws and all, with all your imperfections. Communication, honesty, emotional maturity might inspire you to change some unfortunate behaviours but no one can ever tell you what to feel. No one can never know you as you know yourself.

Lovers lane... Walking hand in hand. Maybe you have been walking hand in hand with someone for 30 years and all the sudden the hand doesn't fit anymore, and the best action you might take is to let someone go, thereby freeing both yourself and the other. That is true respect. That is Love. Letting someone go.

Partners, family, friends, self care and self love are major focus area in 2022.

Mature Love

We are being asked to grow in all matters of the heart in 2022. We are being asked to mature in relationships, become the grown up, the listener, enter the state of calmness and assertiveness when dealing with emotions and boundaries. This is the year we face the embarrashment inside the skin and say "I am sorry". It is time to own your actions, be responsible, and stop making excuses or legitimize your irresponsible behavior or hurtful treatment of others. We must let go of "It's just because", "that's just who I am", "It's your fault." "You are..."

Recognizing the famous Blame Game and stepping out of the dialogue and toxic energy of back and forward going nowhere is something that will come to our attention this year. When you engage in toxic conversations, blaming and pointing fingers at others you are no better than your abusive ex, your controlling mum, your envious sister, your neighbor who complains about how you park, that you play music too loud, and how you don't tidy up your garden. Blame Games often starts with "You are...""It's not my fault it's yours!". It can feel like poisonous darts being fired your way. But the Energy will not change until the day you stop engaging in that energy. This will require an enormous amount of focus to shift the perception and step out of toxic relationships and blame games. We must become Observers, active listeners, space-holders and take a calm and assertive position, just like raising a dog, funny enough. We must find the courage to leave the Blame Gamers, the petty, rigid stuck people and the toxic Karmic relationships behind and shut the door. Keep on walking.

One of the very uncomfortable positions we are asked to take is the mirror position, the stage of Self Awareness. To grow and mature, to live in pure love and acting from unconditional love we must become Conscious, Aware Beings. We must bring more of the unconscious into light in order to do that mirroring is necessary.

Face yourself and deeply honestly reflect on these questions:

  • When am I acting from a place of blame, guilt? How do I frame someone in guilt? Do I do it mostly to a certain group of people? Am I unconsciously blaming all men for my unhappiness?

  • Where and when am I guilt-tripping the other? Notice place, time and circumstances. Do I enjoy making the other person look bad in front of other people?

  • Do I use shame against another person? Do I shame my child, girlfriend, dad or random person in the grocery store for having a screaming child or not wearing an facemask? Is shaming something that I was met with myself as a child, was it a method used in parenting?

  • When do I act and behave from fear? Am I staying in a relationship because I am afraid of being alone? Do I have abandonment issues that affects my relationships? Am I afraid of not being good enough and therefore I don not dare to love or open up to love? Are you afraid of loosing him and therefore you tend to control and manipulate?

  • Do I act, behave, think and feel from a place of unworthiness? In what areas? How does that affect your relationships or lack thereof?

  • When am I acting from self-pity?

  • Arrogance is interesting and also a hard nut to crack. Who wants to be arrogant and act out arrogantly? When do I take a "besserwiser" role? Do I have a tendency to tell other people what to do, how to act, think and feel? Do you think you know best? Is it perrel for you to convince others that your "insurance" is the right one, that your system is the right one/only way? Do you think your education is better and higher ranked and that gives you the right to dominate? Am I patronizing? Am I bullying? Am I overruling and dominating decisions and conversations? Am I saying no without knowing to what and why I say no?

  • Perpetrator. Am I a perpetraitor? Do I knowingly cross other people's boundaries? Am I verbally or physical violent? Am I abusing my power? Am I causing emotional, mental or physical pain in another human being? If I am abusive what does that make me feel like?

  • Expartners. Am I causing pain in children because of my hatred and resentment to my Ex? Can I love my Ex partner through the eyes of my child? Can I bow in humbleness and recognition to the soul of my Ex? Can I love this child that is not my flesh and blood but a child of my partner's ex? This last sector was inspired by my good friend Maria Blomgren who is healer and a Family Constellation Therapist.

These questions are not meant to judge, the questions are meant as tools to create awareness and heighten your selfinsight. We cannot grow and mature before we dare to face our shadow sides. We cannot change and choose to become better people and higher, shinier versions of ourselves before we dare to admit how we have been caught in blame games and how we still act out of blindness, automatic behavior and thinking. We are all caught in immaturity someone because there will always be room to grow and learn. That is a universal truth. Growth and Awakening are ever expanding embodied concepts. There will always be something you don't know, an angle that you can't quite grasp. Because you are Human.

I often fall into the inner state of selfpity, that state of selfpity because I didn't get my way or my expectations weren't met or because I feel exploited and abused. In my selfpityness I loose my power, it is not an empowered state to be in. One mature way to meet myself when I am down in that hole is:

  1. Recognition

  2. Meet myself and my innerchild, moving in.

  3. Choose compassion and love, hold my own hand.

This most definitely creates a release, a release of emotions, it makes emotions move and very often after such a release comes clarity. A mature way to act, behave, respond or choose where self love and integrity are kept embodied and intact very often presents itself when self-compassion has been practiced.

I might be caught in self pity for months, years! When it comes to money flow I have probably felt sorry for myself most my life. This takes time dearest one. Changing perception, changing vibration, choosing other words and mantras takes time. Maturation is hard! Choosing to grow up is tough as fuck! Patience dearest one is of the essence. This is going to take time. It will take time to mature and fully embody unconditional love and understand matters of the Heart. It takes time and it's ok to fail a thousands times just keep returning to the desire to grow, mature and reflect.

I advice you start slowly with the questions above, maybe dive into 1 question 1 week at a time, meditate on the question at hand, hike, practice yoga, swim, dance, talk to your friends, seek out professional therapists for help and clarity, do artwork, write in your journal. Feel free to contact me for counseling, somatic movement therapy or meditation.


When we dare to face ourselves, our wounds, traumas and indoctrinations we are already in a process of healing. The minute you choose to ask yourself one of those questions from above, really ask it and face the uncomfortable truth the Healing Process has begun. Therefore as well as this is the Year of Love it is the Year of Healing because love heals. That is a universal undeniable truth. Love is patient. Love is compassionate. Love nurtures you. It gives your starved BodyMind what it needs. It sees your desperation and hugs you when you tremble. Love is the only way to truly heal your wounds, your anger and disappointment. Acceptance and Love are eternal friends. As we heal we become lighter, more at ease and much more peaceful. I think the world and you could need that right now. I know I can.


Universal number 6 also offers abundance. It's know as an alchemical number where as long as you open up, as long as you actually are ready to receive will experience abundant flow in different areas. Universal number 6 is synchronized with manifestation, it is embodying and understanding the principles of Law of Attraction, Visiolizing, Embodiment and Groundedness. To some this comes easy. To others it seems impossible. Most often we are our own saboteurs. Universal number 6 vibrates in an Abundance Energy which means it is easier for Human Beings to float in this Energy in 2022 and to utilize it. It is there, in front of you, around you, in and through you.

You can call in, embody, abundance in:

  • Love

  • Light

  • Money Flow

  • Materialism

  • Wisdom

  • Truth

  • Power

  • Abundance itself.

Visualize that you already have everything and then deeply feel it, root chakra open and feet firmly planted on the floor. You must feel it, experience it through your body that it already is so.


A natural consequence of the therapeutic sea described above is harmony. Have you seen Dancers with Wolves? It's my favorite movie together with Dirty Dancing. Liteunant Dunbar writes in his journal after visiting the Sioux several times that what he had experienced was Harmony.

They were a people so eager to laugh, so devoted to family, so dedicated to each other. The only word that comes to mind is harmony. John Dunbar.

To me a shamanistic way of living represents such a harmoniuos way of living. As the North node of the Moon has moved into Taurus we are not only inspired and pushed into harmony from Universal number 6 vibrational field but also from the Moon's North Node. Our true North Node is now placed in Taurus for 18 month. Simplicity, back to nature, Mother Earth, taking care of our great and beautiful nature is now our True North. We are being asked to protect and nurture our planet and all beings. We are expanding our senses, including our sixth sense. We move from mind to our senses. We move from our brain into embodied groundedness, back to connection.

Who would do such a thing? The field was proof enough that it was a people without value and without soul, with no regard for Sioux rights. The wagon tracks leading away left little doubt and my heart sank as I knew it could only be white hunters. Voices that had been joyous all morning were now as silent as the dead buffalo left to rot in this valley, killed only for their tongues and the price of their hides. John Dunbar.

We are now being asked to move away from separation and domination to connection, devotion and compassion.

It is time to choose a harmoneuos lifestyle, choose simplicity.

We are moving forward into harmonious Family Constelations.

This is 2022. triple 2, universal number 6 THE NEW BEGINNING.

Colors of 2022:

Green, pink, rose, and gold.

Goddesses strong and centered 2022:

  • Lakshmi

  • Parvati

  • Isis

  • Venus

  • Aphrodite

Leika Mark Noppenau

30/1 2022

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