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Universal Year Number 7 - 2023

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

A year of Spiritual Growth and Reflection.

This year is an inner journey year, where the focus will be on your personal journey, karma, trauma, narratives, beliefs, worldviews.

2023 which adds up to the Universal year of Number 7, 2+0+2+3 = 7, will affect everyone on our planet. It is a year of self reflection, self awareness, embodiment and truth searching.

We will be forced to slow down and go inwards. If you are the rushing type, the impatient or stressful typre the wall will hit you and force you into the couch or armchair.

An unpolished picture of me. This was taken 1/1 2023 as a symbol of my inner journey this year. This is my start of the year and it will be my routine throughout the whole year. I don't put on makeup, wash my hair or even wash my face before crawling back into bed with my morning coffee and journal. Out of bed, make coffee, pee, sit and stare, back into bed to arrive in me.

To prepare for 2023 the best way:

  • Get an armchair, pillows, blankets, candles.

  • Buy some incense, a journal, color pencils, a mandala book.

  • Buy a calendar! One that your need to physically write in, make notes for yourself, use your hand.

  • Start practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis, make yourself positive, disciplined routines. Yoga once a month wont do. Get yourself on to the mat at least twice a week throughout the whole year.

  • Buy a retreat of your desire; Shamanic, Astrology, Vipasana, Ashram in India, Buddhist, Tantra, Dance, Embodiment, Zen Coaching, writing, painting, so many options, follow your heart, curiosity and what makes your tummy tingle and intuition say "Yes". Buy a retreat where you are forced to sit still and meet yourself.


Solitude is this year's focus. Introspection will be your guide to a more peaceful, fruitful, creative and strangely enough more connected life. You go inwards to connect to the whole. You go inwards to connect to other human beings, to connect to all beings.

Some of us are very comfortable in going inwards, we trust the process and know either intuitively or from experience the fruitful and positive consequences that comes along with self reflection and inquiry. This year will be sweeter and easier for the ones that are used to face their shadows and traumas. if you are not used to it this can be a challenging and very uncomfortable year. I highly recommend you seek support, any support, priest, psychologist, holistic therapist, alternative therapist, talk often to a trusted friend or a spiritual coach.

I Recommend for 2023:

For everyone, the spiritual open persons that already have meditation and self reflection practices but also for the new, curious person who hasn't opened up the spiritual door yet.

  • Seek Counseling and Therapy.

  • A combination of traditional psychology, cognitive therapy with alternative therapy is an awesome, eyeopening and transforming package.

  • Yoga & meditation.

  • Nature walks

  • Practice BEING in nature without doing or dominating.

  • Breathwork

  • Astrology

  • Numerology

  • Somatic Movement Therapy

  • Zen Coaching

  • Reading & writing

  • Creative explorations. Buy "Wreck this Journal".

  • Color and chakra therapy.

  • Keep grounding yourself

  • Say "No".

  • Say "No" to drama, preassure, guilt trips. recognize Emotional manipulation. Say no without explaning yourself.

  • Get to know your shadow sides in solitude but also with a therapist or a trusted friend that know "active listening".

Universal Number 7 years are known to the foundation for spiritual growth and enlightenment. They represent a starting point in your spiritual journey. These years are groundshaking transformative where beliefs and worldviews will be turned upside down. Now of course if you are used to transformation the impact will be easier, transformation is desirable, actively engaged in and compassion a known quality and the Universal Number 7's may be what you have longed and waited for. This certainly will be an easier year than 2022, 2021 and 2020 for most of us. I remember my last universal year number 7; 2014. That was a deep transformative year for me, where I started my Embodied Flow™ journey and education. I took two different yoga Teacher Trainings that year! And my life was transformed, never to be the same. The work is hard but so worth it. I remeber I really got to practice my "No" and setting up boundaries.

I am very excited about this year. I have a new collegue Hanne Pedersen, and she and I have created the Embodied Transformation Institute AS, and similarly to how I created Reflection Yoga in 2013, Universal Year Number 6, we created our Institute in 2022 (UYN 6). I can feel it in my gut how the Instute will take off just like Reflection Yoga did in 2014, Universal Year of Number 7. The BIG year of TRANSFORMATION begins. We are here for you as you go inwards.

2021 & 2022

2021 & 2022 were years of emotional insecurity, emotional exhaustion. Those years shaked our financial situation, our relationships to ourselves, to others, family and close friends and they diffinitely shook our perception of and trust in authorities and governments. Some of us experienced that there were no rooms for us at Christmas tables and some of us got fired. The world got split in two; you versus you. Hatred, prejudice, arrogance, greed and ignorance showed their ugly faces extremely clearly. People's shadow sides came forward and was shown in the super markets and kinder gardens. Ugly as FUCk if you ask me. Some chose the mature way, the uncomfortable, face your fears path others chose to stay immature.

2022 was the marriage or divorce year. The year of growth, maturity, compassion, kindheartedness and forgiveness versus the year of Ego, immaturity, guilttripping, emotional manipulation, empty words and promises, gaslighting, cheating and exploitation. Last year in 2022 you either chose Communication or Non-communication.

One person might try to communicate but it doesn't help if the other feels unsafe, threatened, misunderstood, judged, not seen or gaslighted. The only way through is active listening, giving space, patience and grounding. This year in 2023 you need to give all those qualities to yourself. Slow down, listen to yourself, hear your critical voice for what it is, ground yourself and expand your capacity for compassion and forgiveness.

You are the center of the Universe in 2023.

You need you.

Be Careful of:

  • Victimization; "Poor me". "I have the moon in Scorpio I am meant to be alone." Buhuu... "This was done to me, then this..." "She said this to me", "he did this to me". I have no power. Reliving trauma, coloring reality with past hurtful, traumatic experiences and narratives. When you are victim you are unable to see the bigger picture, forgive and empower yourself.

  • Loneliness, there is a beautiful difference between Aloneness and Loneliness. Seek new friends, talk to your old. Remember to have fun and go to that dance party.

  • Egoism, Me, me and me. I talk only about me and my problems. I hear only my problems and challenges. Be careful about becoming an emotional vampire and use other as a garbage bin.

  • Non trusting, cynical, sceptical view, "People are dangerous", "The world is dangerous", "I'll keep to myself", "I can't trust anyone but myself".

To not fall into these pitholes:

Stay connected with friends and family. Remember to have fun, make yourself giggle, try something you have never done before. Share, share your troubles and burdens but remember to listen back and give space to the others. Ask questions. Ask the difficult questions.

Practice boundaries and self trust.

Get comfortable with your own skin.

Recognize your addictions and how you distract yourself.

Let go off obsessions.

Spend a lot of time in nature, go for a walk under the full moon, sit and stare at the starlit night, go swimming in the fjord or ocean. Make yourself a bonfire and listen to cackling sound, feel and embody the heat, make snowangels and sandcastles. The sand doesn't care how old you are.


Embodying the Whole

Life is a mystery. The universe is made of particles and molecules magical combined in puzzling recipes. Tinkly stars portray heaven, as it does the trees on an icecold snowy night and let us not forget the stars in your eyes. Crystal molecules enter your nostrils and come out wet and heavy with a sappy tread. Our body transforms what we cannot see. Our body contains what we cannot see. You are a wandering mystery spinning around in an endless universe. This year it is time for you to remember and live that, embody that.

Life is a mystery waiting for you to explore it by introspection and self and soul searching practices.

Let your soul whisper to you through calcium, oxygen, bones, liver and heart.

Offers from me that is in alignment with 2023:


  • Conversations with Leika, a 12 Week Therapeutic Program, in person or online.

  • Somatic Movement Therapy

Yoga and Meditation:

  • January 31 - April 18; Leaning into You; online yoga and meditation program, 10 Tuesdays 10-11.30 am CET.

  • February 27- May 8. Embodying the Brain; online yoga and meditation program, transform, grow, align and balance. 10 Mondays 6-8 pm CET.

  • April 22-23 Horizontal Communication, open up your Horizon in communication while leaning into you. Create communication eye to eye, heart to heart, liver to liver. Embodied Yoga, Somatic Inquiry and Zen Coaching with Hanne Pedersen and me, Reflection Yoga.

  • May 17-21 Retreat in Norway: Orientation & Direction, find your pathway. Embodied Yoga, Shamanism & Orientation with former Orientation Atleth, Nature Scientist and Yoga Teacher Lene Cisilie Pauck and me, Reflection Yoga.

More offers will come, follow and get updates via my website and facebook:

Embodied Transformation Institute AS will offer weekend immersions in among others; Freedom & Boundaries and The Power of Innocense.

We are also planning a course: Therapy for Therapists, Embodiment, Zen Coaching and Space Holding.

I teach yoga regular in Ski Norway, at Yopila Studio.

Please reach out. Don't be a stranger. I appreciate your questions and curiosity and let me know if you are interested in some of my offers.

Let us welcome a year of Spiritual Reflection and Self Development.

Sources and inspiration:

My own knowledge and download.

Remember! This is a year of SLOWING DOWN!

In enlightenment Namaste

Leika Mark Noppenau

Reflection Yoga & Therapy

Embodied Transformation Institute AS.

Hemsedal Norway 1/1 2023

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