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Happy Hopeful Liberating New Year 2021

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

The Universal Year number 5. A year of LIBERATION, OPTIMISM, TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, seeking new territory, freeing oneself of the grasp of Ego. 2021 is an instant karma year. As Sandra Ingerman, an international known shaman, says, this is Year where we face our Egos and leave it behind. We must face our Egos so it is no longer dominating. She also says love is on the way. Love and healing energy are on the way to Earth. We are supported in our journey of liberation. Her wisdom and insights are in alignment with the Universal Year number 5. This year will be uncomfortable for some, less for others. To liberate oneself from Ego, recognize it, as a necessary part of the whole, yet see it clearly so it does not dominate, can be extremely painful. The pain and shame that come from self reflection can be the very reason one chooses not to do the work. It can be terribly uncomfortable and the easy thing is to continue as always, turn the other cheek too, ignore, deny. Jupiter is in the go as well. Jupiter is in Aquarius . Again in alignment with the number 5. Aquarius is all about liberation too. Looking outside the box. Freeing oneself from indoctrination and conditioning, daring to be original, daring to be oneself. Jupiter is OPTIMISM, good fortune, blessings, freedom, abundance, joy.

All this together:

“When I dare to face my Ego, when I dare to face my conditioned mind and my contractions freedom and abundance will come my way.”
“When I see my limited Self I meet it with softness and compassion. I tell it; it is ok I will journey towards light and liberation but I will take your hand knowing your are a part of my whole.”
“ I will free myself from negativity. I will step into love and light and accept the blessings from Jupiter. I am love. I am light. Joy awaits.” Leika Mark Noppenau @leikayoga

The universal year number 5; 2021. It has so many connotations and implementations. The big ones are: LIBERATION, ADVENTURE, TRAVEL, OPTIMISM, leaving the past behind and stepping into our potential, our highest Self, our luminous Self. This implies so much. I asked this question today in my online class #reflectionyogaonline : "What are we liberating ourselves from?" Why is liberation such a BIG deal in yoga, philosophy, Tantric philosophy, shamanism, astrology or any other spiritual way of life and thinking. LIBERATION. What are you liberating yourself from? Is something holding you back? What is holding you back, contained, contracted, in shackles, in bondage, in conditions? We all want freedom. That is such a cliche when no deep thoughts comes along with it, when no reflections are being made or any action follows that sentence. “Yeah, of course, freedom for all.” And then it ends there. Being liberated is the same as being freed. But from what? And how do we do it?

This whole next year is about LIBERATION. As I’ve heard spiritual teachers among others Sandra Ingerman, Sally Kempton, Matt Khan and Sianna Sherman say we must recognize our Ego. It is clear we human beings have an Ego. This is of no surprise in 2021. But how does our Ego function? What and how do we become aware of our Ego? Some argue it is mainly in our left brain which I recognize yet I argue it is resided in our total Bodymind, our Soma. Our Ego loves: Criticism, to complain, to point fingers, blame others, blame one self, shame, angry voices, envy, jalousy, being a victim and victimize/bully. Ego loves self sacrifice and wallow in selfpity and self righteousness. Ego loves to play the hero. I did that. I saved her. I fixed him. The Ego loves dependency and addictions. The Ego obsesses. The Ego loves when the human is eating his own tail and drown himself in the lake. When we are CONSUMED by Ego, "Me, Me, Mine, My" we are what is called in a low frequency state of Bodymind. It is a constracted and separate state to be in. It is what can be seen as caught in dark or darker energies. The danger is to be consumed, caught in that Ego-Mind State where everything is about Me, Mine, My and not "I am". Yes. We all have an Ego. The Ego also comes with good, a drive, a spark, an eagerness that can be turned into productivity and creativity. Our Ego and recognizing it's behaviour can be used as an engine to do, act and be good. Our Ego can boost our confidence, self esteem, give us a push to step into our heart space, the "I am" space. The Ego also wants to shine the beautiful light of the glorious sun and this desire can be turned into growths, becoming a wounded healer. Our Ego can become our friend and our helper.

The way to liberate yourself from the shackles of the Ego if to know it, see it, recognize it and then befriend it. It is the only way to true liberation. It is the only way to bliss and joy.

The moment you start to recognize your Ego and communicate with that part of you you are on a journey of healing and self love. It is with love and compassion you meet your Ego. It is like meeting a little child screaming for attention.

When you hear your inner voice say:

“You are f.cking moron. You imbecile. You can’t do anything. You will never succeed.” See instead: “pain, pain, pain. Help me!” It is pain/suffering. When we are in the prison of our Ego we are in physical pain, one way or the other, be that colitis, migraines, neck tension, broken bones or neuropathic pain, high blood pressure or just stress, or what is also known in the Tantric philosophical world as contractions. We are in mental and emotional pain.

Being caught in Ego feels like a physical pain aka #suffering . Many people walk around not even recognizing they are in pain because they got so used to it. Only when it gets really bad, like hurting someone, loosing someone or hit the wall and one become suicidal some human beings realize “I’m in pain and I’ve actually been in pain for 20 years.”

Well this is the year to free yourself from that pain, from that suffering. Which is good news!! Really good news! The universe wants us to heal. The universe wants us to embrace ourselves and our wounds. The divine spirit, God, Source, Shiva is conspiring for our awakening for us to become liberated and live in higher light frequency, in freedom and in self love. This is the year to meet yourself and then break free, break your shackles off. #breakfree #higherfrequency #lightbeings

This makes me joyful, hopeful. This gives me optimism which this year is also about.

Welcome 2021!! #welcome #happynewyear

LIGHT #light Light is what we need more of. The Universal Year of number 5, the year of Liberation, Stepping into our potential, Adventure, Curiosity and Optimism. This whole year Saturn is also squaring Uranus. Limitation squares expansion put extremely simple well. Polarities squaring each other. Ask Sol W. Jonassen @polarisastrology or Sara Ringelmann @theselfrecovery for details here. Anyways ... it’s time to hold on to your hat so it doesn’t fly away landing on a giraffe while you shrink to an angry scorpion. Stay centered, be a solid oak tree, firmly rooted yet connected to the heavens and always reaching for a higher and more enLIGHTENED awareness. I pray these days. A lot. I also reached out to our local priest as I needed some connection, comfort, understanding and support. We see eye to eye in many ways and some ways not at all but that’s ok because what is the most important is that our hearts speak the same language. In our hearts we can meet. Fully. I appreciate and am deeply grateful for knowing the priest here in Hemsedal. @camillaosnes She is truly an amazing human being. She told me today that the devil (diabolis) mean to divide and separate and God is the opposite which is connection, Union and compassion. God is nondualism, everything, United, connection and unconditional love. This! This is what we need to come back to. Union, through compassion we reunite the opposition, the divide, Saturn and Uranus.

I pray for divine light to enter our world, nature and all beings. I pray that the purest light, light of the highest frequency enter our world and evaporate the darkness so we may see through the veils that separate us. May light enter our hearts. May we remember and embody our humanity once again.

Even though the times seem dark there is light on the path and in you.

In love, in light Namaste Leika Mark Noppenau.

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