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Embodied Yin™ to me;

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Is coming home.

It is the most nurturing and healing yoga approach I have experienced. Embodied Yin is the mother of us all, ParamaShakti, Matrika, Pachamamma, Gaia and it brings us home into ourselves. Embodied Yin offers a womb of nourishment so the love of self can start to take shape, form and come into an embodied authentic expression.

Satu Tuomela the founder of Embodied Yin has infused this yoga approach with somatic awareness and felt sense based in chinese medicine, shamanism and Kashmir Shaivism, tantric nondualism.

The style is gentle, tender and offers a space to rewind, reform, reunite and transform. It is a healing practice, beautiful and sweet.

I have longed for the womb in me. I longed for the warmest embrace. In you, in me, I find my home.

Satu Tuomela, a woman I have followed for some years. A woman that I have connected to on social media. There has been a reciprocity and an equality in the transmissioned energy between us. I have felt a knowingness in my bodymind. Embodied Yin and that teacher, Satu, is on my path of becoming.

Embodied Yin™

It is Yin in it's original meaning.

The Yang aspect is never left out as it cannot ever be left out. But Satu's Embodied Yin offers you an embodiment of the truest, most vulnerable, most courageous, warmest embrace that you can imagine.

In this womb you can cry your tears, you can be the victim, you can be held, you will be listened to, you will be heard. You will not ever be judged.

Chinese Medicine elements:






I teach it how I was being taught but the flavor is me. The wisdom is mine. As I embody the ancient wisdom of chinese medicine, tantra and shamanism I guide you. Satu's voice always there as an inspiration and a guide.

I have the acquired womb for you to be heard.

Come and dive into the darkness of the mother. She has the strength to hold all of you.

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