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The Mammilary Bodies a manipulation into a happy Bodymind State.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Did you know that you can embody all the tiny parts of your brain and create wellbeing from that felt sense?

The Mammilary Bodies, small magic bodies of alchemical qualities.

By embodying my Mammilary Bodies I sustain and develop my memory capacity.
Joy, hope and excitement are emotions that can be increased by creating flow in the Mammilary Bodies.
My coordination has improved and I'm finding myself in positions I did not think was possible. The Pathways of Weight come easier and therefore balance is much easier for me to uphold.

The Mammilary Bodies and the exploration of these two tiny gateways on the top of our brainstem always gets me excited. The effects of embodying the Mammilary Bodies are multiple. Ready to dive in?

The Neurological Functions:

Corpus Mamillare, corpora mamillaria, brystlegemer are portals of connections to important brain parts such as the hippocampus, hypothalamus, thalamus, tegmental nuclei, fornix and Papez Circuit. The bodies are gateways of flow where neurons are being circulated and directed into diffferent systems in which they are meant to do, operate and contribute to harmonious sustainability of the body. These bodies can get cluttered and a pathway from the bodies can be destroyed.

The bodies are known as processors of memory and a transcenscion of memory to the hippocampus but before entering the hippocampus to be prossesed they are going through a tract tuber cinerium in which neurons are being stored and that affect the hippocampus as well. If this circuit or connection is broken, if there no sustainable flow memory, information, cognition is affected.

The mammilary bodies facilitate appropriate behavioral reactions as it is in a reciprocal relation to the tegmentum.

The mammilary bodies are also portals of dopamine one of the happy hormones. Dopamine functions as reward and pleasure. Dopamine that is being transported through together with information, memory stimulates curiousity, joy about learning, joy of remembrance and stimulates the body to learn, remember. The body is rewarding itself through learning, curiosity and memory. This again creates goal-oriented behaviour.

Acetylcholine is another happy hormone that runs through the Mammilary Bodies. Together with dopamine they create a river of serotonin and norephinephrine that runs downward into the brainstem and the further into the spinalcord. These are aslo known as happy hormons. They affect: Memory, limbic functions, attention, learning, motor systems, decision, planning, emotions.

Imagine if the bodies get hurt?

Well, If you hurt them you can loose memory, coordination, desire to do/action, loose motivation, get depressed, difficulty in finding solutions, get confused, dizzy and fall into a negative pit.

Did you know that you can heal and create flow through them again? That you can develop the flow, escalate the neurons coming through, even redirect them? I certainly did not know that till I did the work.

Since starting to embody the bodies via embodiment practices, kriya, breath work, yoga practice and free somatic movement my curiousity, awareness, motivation, balance, pathways of weight, coordination has improved significantly.

The Mammilary Bodies affect:

🌸 Memory

🌼 Motivation

🌸 Coordination

🌼 Mobility

🌸 Learning capacity

🌼 Reward sensations

🌸 The flow of happy hormones

🌼 Emotions

🌸 Body information

🌼 Third eye #ajnachakra

🌸 Remembrance of you

The Spiritual Aspect:

The Third Eye;

The Mammilary Bodies are part of the Third Eye, Ajna Chakra.

The third eye constitutes of the Pineal Gland, The Pituitary Gland and The Mammilary Bodies, to my so far embodiment.

They all have different qualities.

The Mammilary Bodies are about remembrance of you, all of you, they constitute a downward flow and connection. They connect with the earth, our Great Mother, Gaia. The connect to the emotions of earth, and the felt sense ofour planet, nature and animals. Through the limbic system emotions of our surroundings are transferred into and through the Mammilary Bodies and into our perception of the whole.

The remembrance of you are available through the embodiment of the Mammilary bodies. They not only provide you with memory of this life but all your lives. Most human beings have some obscurement in the Mammialry Bodies that blocks out the memory of all of you. This too can be healed.

Ready for magic?

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