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Microcosm in Macrocosm . . .

We are microcosm in macrocosm. We are macrocosm in microcosm.

Rivers of blood float through us like iron worms in the deep. Our tube of snake spiral full of contraction and expansion in the circle of decomposing beauty to rot. Destruction of cellular waste our purple planet helps as it is a microcosm in our macrocosm, dependent, interdependent and caring. Thunder enters our abdomen as flames eat up the thick river of digestion. The mountain crumbles as rocks roll down shaking the ground.

Rivers flow Rivers stop

Yet in the blockades of fluids life exists in the cabin of no movement. We are the microcosm in the macrocosm. We are the macrocosm in the microcosm. Particles swim into us as we sleep under the starry night. Oxygen kisses our arteries as our rivers dance the walz. Aromas of flowers and dirt infiltrate our nostrils as memories are being stored at the base our feet. The lines of the Milky Way, the sparkles in between unfold in the matrix of fascia energy along the lines can shift like the silence in a hurricane.

Leaves drop. We fall.

A seed comes to life after hibernating in the dark. A child is created, the mouse is free from the cat’s claws. In the silence of death residue of life remains slow as an oak quick as a jaguar, energy may softly form or explode like a star in the infinite cosmos.

We are the macrocosm. We are the microcosm.

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