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An Astrologer's experience and journey with me.

As an American from NYC taking the leap to move to the mountains of Hemsedal, I came in search of creating a life focused on presence, awareness and mind-body connections. My path crossing with Leika's in life has been a true gift during this adventure. Leika has been a true guide for me during my transition from a life of chaos to a life of meaning. Practicing yoga with her is transformative. I feel this inner transformation happening more and more deeply with each class, each new connection. Leika's classes are unique and filled with intention and purpose. She is REAL - and does not shy away from digging deep within the soul, facing inner wounds in order to enhance the kind of self love + forgiveness that transcends all boundaries. Practicing yoga with Leika has been the highlight of my days here in Norway and I am so grateful that she has expanded to offer her virtual classes to the whole world. What a blessing!

If you are looking to go inward, expand your mind and develop a more meaningful relationship with yourself while in yoga practice, you need to get to know Leika through her online classes and stick with her for the long run as enlightenment does not happen overnight. It takes work and commitment. Leika is right there...committed and doing the work with you. Join a truly healing, clarifying and authentic yoga community. 

Sara Ringelmann, Astrologer, Essential Oil Therapist and Wellness Coach.

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