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From a dancers view

Leika Yoga is without a doubt the most present and attentive yoga I have ever tried. Leika has a unique competence to unleash feelings and state of the mind through her practice and her personality. Doing yoga with Leika has given me a new understanding of grounding and connecting with my mental state I have not experienced elsewhere throughout my ten years of practicing. She lives, breaths and surrender herself 100% to her classes and her students. Personally, when we were on Bali, I have reconnected with my inner child and my heart. I am so grateful and can’t wait to give my self the present of being in Leika’s company and experiencing her full devotion to gaining inner understanding. Sometimes it hurts and I cried, a lot, but the on the other side of the reconnection through her practices you feel like you can fly. The one week in Bali set free my inner energy blockers and reconnected myself with so much I did not know of. I am forever thankful for Leika’s unique skills and for the opportunity to engage with her and my self on this journey.

Line Søborg Rasmussen, Model and Dancer.

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