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Testimonial from the Founder of Yoga Retreats NO

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

For me, Leika is Yoga.

I have followed her yoga classes online for a while and she has

"taken me by storm".

Her approach, dissemination, insight, message and presence,

of yoga are formidable.

She offers challenges in relation to your own body, as well as

self-examination. She puts alot of herself in to each yoga

lesson, she shares her own vulnerability, gives you

opportunities to experience / meet physical and mental

challenges you may have, she guides you elegant through the


Leika puts her soul in preparaing her yoga classes within theme

and music. She is playful, has a lot of humor, is strong, wise

and she has the ability to rip you off and make your yoga

experience to something very special. You decide what the

yoga class should be for you.

Leika offers you a journey through your whole body as well as

your soul. It is only you who set the limit.

I give my best recommendations to attend her classes.

Toril Mcilwraith, Founder of Yoga Retreats NO,

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